• INJUSTICE: Five Americans Who Did What Hillary Did…And Were JAILED!

    FBI Director Comey put forth a long list of things Hillary did wrong…only to say a “Reasonable” prosecutor would not bring charges.


    Here’s a story that lays out a case to the opposite. It chronicles the stories of FIVE Americans who were jailed by the Obama Administration for mishandling of classified documents.

    From The Lid Blog:

    On Tuesday morning FBI Director James Comey said “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statute regarding the handling of classified information, no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

    Really? Since Obama took office in 2009, seven people have been charged under the Espionage Act — all for leaking classified or sensitive information. Five—John Kiriakou, Shamai Leibowitz, Jeffrey Sterling, former State Department official Stephen Kim, and Chelsea Manning — got jail time.”

    Skipping Chelsea Manning because his leak was in a category of its own, the other four shows that there are “reasonable” prosecutors who will bring charges in such cases.

    Stephen Kim pleaded guilty in 2014 to disclosing a classified report on North Korea to Fox News reporter James Rosen. That was the case where the former AG Eric Holder wiretapped Rosen’s parents. His lawyer said the information at issue “was less sensitive or surprising than much of what we read in the newspaper every day.” He did 13 months in prison. Note he revealed classifed info, Hillary was reckless with top secret info as well as the lower classifications of secrets.

    Jeffrey Sterling was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in May for revealing classified information about the CIA’s effort to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program to journalist James Risen (who refused to reveal his sources). Sterling was convicted of sharing with Risen information of a failed C.I.A. operation to give flawed nuclear blueprints to Iran, Mr. Risen revealed the operation in his 2006 book, “State of War,” describing it as a mismanaged, potentially reckless mission that may have inadvertently aided the Iranian nuclear program. To continue reading…

    This article doesn’t even mention a man named General Petraeus, who knows a thing or two about the wrath of the Government for mishandling documents. He was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, lost his status in the military and has suffered untold persecution for doing far less than what Hillary did.

    This whole debacle may have kept Hillary out of jail, but it also went a long way to putting Trump in the White House.

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