• Rudy Crushes It At The Republican Convention (VIDEO)

    Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, came out swinging at the Republican Convention yesterday.

    He was tasked to discuss the fact that American’s don’t feel safe anymore. The entire speech is worth watching.

    Here are some highlights:

    I’m here to speak to you about a very serious subject. How to make America safe.

    The vast majority of Americans today do not feel safe. They fear for their children. They fear for themselves. They fear for our police officers who are being targeted with a target on their back. We pray for police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge and their families and we say thank you, to the Cleveland Police Department for protecting us. THANK YOU!

    Rudy made it perfectly clear that he…and Trump were going to be pro-cop.

    We thank every law enforcement agent who’s out tonight protecting us, black, white, Latino, of every race, every color, every creed, every sexual orientation

    When they come to save your life they don’t ask if you’re black or white, they just come to save you!

    Giuliani continues with soaring themes that cried as an American lament and fired up the crowd.

    It’s time to make America safe again. It’s time to make America one again. ONE AMERICA! What happened to there’s no black America, there’s no white America, there’s just AMERICA!?

    The mayor finishes his memorable oration by hammering Hillary for ineptness and her lack of compassion for American life.

    Who would trust Hillary Clinton to protect them? I wouldn’t. Would you? She’s running for president on her experience…it’s her experience that disqualifies her!

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