• SCANDAL AT DNC – Here’s Something To Riot About – Seriously? No Bacon?

    Forget about Bernie betraying his own and becoming a sellout. Forget about Debbie Wasserman being fired for collusion in another email scandal. Even forget about Hillary’s and now Bill’s lies.

    A real scandal has surfaced at the Democratic Convention.

    They aren’t serving bacon!

    Why would they do that? Apparently to save money. Some things aren’t worth it.

    Reports are that the delegation from Iowa was not to happy about the lack of meat…from The Des Moines Register:

    PHILADELPHIA — A meaty issue has surfaced at the Democratic National Convention that is consuming the Iowa delegation: A horrifying lack of bacon at the delegation breakfasts.

    “We’re from Iowa and we don’t get meat? How is that supposed to be,” delegate Lucas Haffner of Lytton said.

    He joked that Democrats could show their displeasure in the traditional way. “I think we’re all a little distracted by current events and things that are happening here, but we could formulate a little something later today – the Bacon March.”

    Delegates have been making do with scrambled eggs, fruit, bagels and pastries. But the carnivores were getting restless.

    Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire apologized Tuesday to the delegates, who happen to hail from the No. 1 pork-producing state in the nation.

    “I love bacon, let’s face it. Who doesn’t?” McGuire said.

    When confronted about the problem she continued.

    She said she asked the hotel, the downtown Marriott, for the cost of adding some greasy, crispy goodness to the breakfasts: $700 a day.

    “That’s a mailing. That might be a candidate that throws them over the top and we might get another candidate in the House or the Senate, or we might get another congressman. I can’t spend that money on bacon,” she said.  “So when you don’t have bacon, just think, I’m going to get another person elected.”

    Not all the delegates liked that answer.

    James Marren, an alternate from Des Moines, accepted McGuire’s explanation, to a point. “I guess I can understand that, it doesn’t mean I like it,” he said. “But I know the other delegations, they have sausage, bacon, hash browns stuff like that.”

    It was reported that some delegates took matters into their own hands and went out to find their own bacon.

    Even Democrats need bacon.

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