• UNFIT TO LEAD! The Benghazi Interview That Sinks Hillary


    Wasn’t that your ball to carry?


    The rubber meets the road. Hillary remains unfit and unaccountable to this disaster.

    Never forget that she looked right across a flag draped coffin and lied to the mother of the dead.

    From Liberty Unyielding:

    Hillary Clinton’s response to questioning by Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes, in an interview that aired on Sunday 24 July, probably doesn’t need much commentary.

    In the segment, Pelley asked her about Benghazi, and her responsibility for the security failures there in September 2012.  Hillary’s bottom line for everything was a practiced, plausible-sounding deflection: basically, there were investigations, and hundreds of pages of reporting on them, and nothing was her fault.

    This doesn’t comport with her own claim only seconds before that she “took responsibility” for the debacle in Benghazi.  And Pelley let her get away with that: with making the heroic pronouncement about taking responsibility, but then shedding any actual accountability.

    Hillary Clinton: Distinguished Americans, military and civilian experts, they came out, and they said, you know, “The ball was dropped in security,” and, you know, uh, some of the decisions that were made probably should have been rethought –

    Scott Pelley: But wasn’t that your ball to carry?

    Clinton: No.  It wasn’t.  It was not my ball to carry.  It was very – eh – read the, read the reports, read all of the reports, all many hundreds of pages of them, including this latest one, which was a political exercise from the very beginning.

    Uh, those [department communications on security concerns] never reached me, those never came to my attention –

    Pelley: The concerns about the security never came to your attention.

    Clinton: No!  The experts…we have security experts.  I am not going to substitute my judgment for people who have been in the field, who understand what our men and women are up against.  So, this has all been investigated, over and over again, but as Tim [Kaine] was just saying, it didn’t get the result that some of the Republicans wanted, so they kept at it, and I feel very sorry that they have politicized it unlike any prior example, and I just think the most important challenge we face is learning from it and doing everything we can to keep our people safe.

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