• Why Does The Media Want A Race War?

    Why does the media want a race war?

    Seriously. Why?

    Because they are actively engaged in promoting one. When the stories of two black men who died under questionable circumstances at the hands of white (and Latino) police officers floods our news and is pushed virally through social media, while other stories in the exact same time period are just as horrific, yet ignored.

    You have to ask…Why?

    Over the July 4th weekend more than SIXTY people were shot in Chicago with four dead. Sixty! That is a national outrage…is it not?

    According to USA Today  Chicago has tallied 329 deaths this year alone…in 6 months!

    Is that not staggering news?

    That’s worse than what happened the Pulse Nightclub in Florida or at least as bad. Yet there is very little coverage of it. Why?

    Most all of the dead are black. Shouldn’t that cause an outcry all the way to Washington DC?

    Why are there no marches going on for the 4 year old black child shot in the back while playing recently?

    According to the Chicago Tribune:

    Rayshawn Woods says she can’t live in her apartment in Englewood anymore.  She can’t bear hearing her young daughter ask if people are shooting children like her on purpose.

    “My daughter is 6 and she say she wants to move because they always shooting kids over here,” said Woods, 27, who moved to the 5700 block of South Morgan Street about a year ago. “I can’t stay here.”

    Woods spoke from the porch of her brick two-flat where a 4-year-old boy was shot in the back while playing Wednesday evening.  First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said the gunman pulled up and fired at least six shots around 5:40 p.m.

    The reason is staring everyone in the face.

    The media doesn’t care about black people. It cares about fomenting a race war.

    The reason they don’t cover the multitude of death or the four year old boy is because it is, by and large, black on black crime. And black on black crime doesn’t cause a race war.

    If we as a nation would face that issue things might actually start to change. But that doesn’t cause the race war our media is salivating over.

    If you read down past the sadness of the little boy getting shot for no reason in the Chicago Tribune story you see an interesting commentary on the breakdown of black culture in our bigger cities.

    This is the problem that must be tackled, not more gun control or a race war. We must work together to solve this problem of devaluation of life and the promulgation of crime and drug infested communities. This is not a black and white issue. It’s an American issue and it’s a big one.

    Read what Dorothy Johnson says of her neighborhood where the 4 year old boy was just shot:

    A few doors south of Woods’ home, Dorothy Johnson, 70, sat on her front porch, keeping watch over the street and recalling how the block has changed in the 25 years she has lived there.

    Sitting comfortably on her shady porch, wearing a cooling headscarf and adorned in rings and jewelry, Johnson recalled how the large families she once knew and cared for had been replaced over time by renters.

    As homeowners died and moved away from the block of two-flats and bungalows, drug dealing and crime moved in, Johnson said. Last November, Kenneth Noble, whom Johnson called one of her friendlier neighbors, was fatally shot and a second man wounded as they got into a van near her home.

    “People used to come from miles around to look at the Christmas decorations there,” Johnson said, pointing to a ramshackle coach house across the street from her two-flat.

    “Now people just pay rent for three, four or five months, then move out. Or move 20 and 30 people in and they sell drugs,” she said. “People ain’t neighbors no more.”

    Johnson said she was in her dining room late Wednesday afternoon when she heard five pops. By the time she made it to her front window, she saw a man lift the wounded child into a car and drive away.

    “I know that little boy,” she said. “I see him riding around on a bicycle.”

    But the media doesn’t care about black boys on bicycles getting shot by a black teen. The media ignores why a once beautiful neighborhood has turned into “Gangland” and families have been replaced with prostitution and crack houses protected by armed thugs.

    The media wants a race war and they are bound and determined to get one. They don’t talk about Dorothy Johnson, they promote white on black violence and cop on black violence every chance they get.

    Now those chickens just came home to roost in Dallas.

    Our media is feeding us a narrative and most of America is eating it up.

    The way they are going, they just might get the race war they dream of.

    While most of America is weeping for our great nation.

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