• COMMENTARY: Are Some Republicans Worried About the Wrong Landslide?

    Almost from the beginning of his campaign some Republicans have agreed with Democrats that Donald Trump couldn’t win the party nomination, yet he defeated 16 opponents and had the highest vote count in the history of the Republican Party. Now that he has won the party nomination, they believe he can’t win the presidency.  Recently, 70 Republicans signed a letter saying that they believe that Donald Trump will lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.  It would be interesting to look at the 70 names and check their history to see if any of Trump’s detractors are Republicans In Name Only, (RINO).

    The Democratic leaning press is full of possible solutions for the Republican Party to minimize their losses.  One helpful suggestion was that the RNC could declare Mr. Trump to be incompetent and replace him.  They had no suggestion as to who the replacement should be, perhaps they were just suggesting no replacement would be necessary, let’s just declare Hillary the winner by acclamation.  We don’t need a Constitution to tell us how to elect Hillary.

    Is it possible at the 70 Republicans and others are actually more afraid that Mr. Trump might win in a landslide.  Given his outsiders status, might these critics and others be seriously concerned about their own diminished influence as a result of a Trump victory, especially if it is a mandate?  Are they afraid if Trump is elected, the country will change to what the people want? Will they find themselves on the outside looking in, with their nose on the glass window and not invited to the party?

    Many of the critics are coming face-to-face with the possibility they could be on the outside looking in if Trump is elected.  Trump has told the American people his vision for the size of government, taxes, national security, border control, the military and many other things he will do if elected.  These Republicans have spent the last eight years restructuring America into their vision of what they think it should be.  Now Trump, reflecting the mood of the electorate, wants to tear down all the things they spent the last eight or longer building. If he wins in the mandate, a landslide, they know that their programs are in serious trouble and so are they in terms of power and influence.  Trump has identified the problem the America people have; they are against the elitists including many elected leaders. The elite think they know what is best for the country, regardless what the people think and want.  The rest of us are too stupid to know what we want. Currently, over 70% of registered votes say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

    The people who contributed $82 million to the Trump campaign in July don’t believe they gave it to him with the idea that they were looking to maintain the status quo. A minority of Republicans who are desperately trying to maintain the status quo we’ll see fund raising dry up, not only for Mr. Trump, but also for House and Senate member races as well.  These people don’t seem to understand that the mainstream American voter wants a change. Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of their country and they want serious change.

    This Republican minority is resisting change and may well pay a very high price for ignoring the will of the people.  Remember the British common folk turned out the elitists in their recent election on separating from the EU.  The first thing the elitists tried to do in Britain was overturn the will of the people.  The will of the people stood and a lot of people are looking for work.  Perhaps many of the people against Trump will be saying, “How did this happen?”

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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