• GUNS – The Great Equalizer: A 4’11, 85 lbs Woman Survives Attack By Shooting Assailant

    With a gun to her head…what is a small woman to do?

    A woman named Carol Miracle got a little miracle of her own when she distracted her attacker and drew her own weapon. She then fired upon the larger man and killed him.

    Guns are truly the great equalizer. Gun control people just don’t seem to get this, as they prefer us all to be victims.

    From Rare:

    It was no miracle that a woman with a gun to her head was able to prevent herself from being robbed – or worse. That’s because Carolann Miracle, 23, who said she is 4’11 and 85 pounds, was armed and ready to eliminate the threat.

    Speaking to ABC15, the woman from Glendale, Ariz., said that she was leaving a gas station when a man named Frank Taylor, 27, approached her and asked for a cigarette.

    She says Taylor then put a gun to her neck and tried to rob her.

    Miracle didn’t hesitate to act.

    “I dropped my soda, released my gun from my holster and cocked it. I shot him and ran in the opposite direction,” she said.

    She said that her dad is a Marine and taught her self-defense.

    “I was scared, at first. I thought, ‘Am I really getting robbed?’” she said. “He put the gun up to my neck and said, ‘It’s loaded, don’t move,’” Miracle said. ”I think he thought, ‘She’s a little girl. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use her weapon.’”

    The woman said that, even though she was held at gunpoint, she feels bad that Taylor died.

    “I feel bad, I didn’t mean to kill him. I feel bad for his mom. I feel bad because I just found out that he has a 1-week-old baby. I didn’t mean to do it, but I had to protect myself,” she said.

    The woman shot the armed robber once. Taylor died as a result.

    The incident was caught on surveillance cameras as well to verify the truth of the events.

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