• LIBERALS: DO NOT WATCH THIS! Everyone Else Enjoy A Classic

    Liberals should turn back now. DO NOT CONTINUE!

    If you are a pansy. If you are politically correct. If you hate violence. If you think skinny jeans and man-buns are masculine. If you are against teaching young boys to grow up to become warriors. STOP!

    Do not watch the vintage commercial from Gung Ho!

    You’ve been warned. We are not responsible if your liberal head explodes watching the video included here.

    Everyone else, ENJOY one of the most awesome old commercials ever produced.

    Can you imagine if this was sold today? What if a commercial like this ran today?

    This shows just how far we’ve fallen into the politically correct world of effeminate men.

    This product was produced back when men were expected to grow up and be, well, men.

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