• COMMENTARY: Mr. Trump, Look There’s A Bright Shiny Object.

    In the Disney Pixar movie “Up” there is a talking dog name Doug, his problem is that he is easily distracted from whatever he is doing. In the scene were Doug is talking to the old man and the boy he is immediately distracted by a squirrel. He is frozen in time focused on the squirrel and then Doug comes back to the subject matter at hand.

    Hillary Clinton has announced that her strategy for the month of August is not to talk about issues, but to attack and destroy the reputation of Donald Trump. She has the President and many other spokespeople launching daily assaults against Mr. Trump. Based on his current reactions her strategy seems to be working in that she is taking Donald off message and he is reacting to whatever she or her surrogates say.  It’s like the child being distracted by a bright shiny object or Doug the dog being distracted by colorful balloons. The attacks are not only coming from Hillary and her agents but also Republicans have joined the attack on Trump forcing him to defend himself to his own party.

    Mrs. Clinton’s objective is based on the Clinton playbook that was used against Bush 41 and, I might add, it was successful. Bill Clinton controlled the agenda and as a result of his shiny object attacks, Bush 41 could never really address his agenda to American voters. Bill Clinton, who has been accused of raping and sexually molesting women by using the bright shiny object approach, was able to deflect any real criticism of his illegal activities and won the election as President.

    Some recent polls would suggest that Clinton’s strategy is working. One only has to look at the number of Trump supporters who are demanding he get back on message of jobs, the economy, and illegal immigration.  Just look at her past weekend appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News, where she said that the FBI Director James Comey said, she did nothing wrong.  This was a Hillary lie that went unchallenged by Chris Wallace and Donald Trump.  Trump found that he was bogged down in a dispute with Mr. Khan over the Purple Heart a veteran gave him, another shiny distraction and a timely opportunity lost by Trump.

    Mr. Kahn started his criticism of Trump on the stage of the DNC.  Keep in mind that the things said in the bright shiny object approach don’t have to be true but just have to be something that is controversial that will distract Trump.  The President of the United States said in the press conference, “Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States, he doesn’t know enough about the economy or foreign affairs to be president of United States.” Not only did the president attacked Donald Trump but he also attacked John McCain and Mitt Romney, stating that they would not have been very good presidents if they had defeated him.

    President Obama has consistently attacked Donald Trump’s fitness and mental stability to be President of United States.  These attacks come directly from the Hillary campaign by providing the talking points to all her friends and allies to attack Trump.  The biggest ally for Hillary, in the shiny object campaign, is the mainstream media.

    When I was younger I wanted to believe in the first amendment that our press would be objective and impartial however the older I got the more convinced I was pollyanna in thinking that they would ever change.  We have the New York Times printing a front-page story that was wrong and when the reporter was interviewed by other media about the inaccuracy of his story he said, “the story stands on its own”. There are daily examples of the mainstream media printing stories that have no basis in truth, but are simply written to destroy the reputation and the momentum of Donald Trump, bright shiny at work.

    The real power in the shiny object strategy is the distraction of the American voter.  Just as Trump can be led off message, so the American voter through shiny object stories.  Focusing the attention on the suitability of Donald Trump in the minds of his supporters, speaks nothing of the ability, honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton to be president.

    Hillary Clinton is trying to make this election about Donald Trump’s suitability to be president and not about her ability to help America.  She wants the American electorate to go into the voting booth on November 8 and vote against Donald Trump by pulling the lever for her.  She is feeding America all the reasons why they should vote against Trump without giving them any reasons why they should vote for her, other than she is the first woman to run for the presidency of United States.

    I believe it is possible that with a little more focus on the credibility of Hillary to be President of the United States, Donald Trump can hold his own in the polls through the month of August.  If he stays close to Hillary in the polls, no matter how biased the polls are towards Hillary, the first presidential debate in September could be the end of the campaign for Hillary. I fully expect this debate to be the most watch event in the history of television, and the outcome of the elections could be decided at this first debate.  Remember back when Romney and McCain debated Obama, they were both given many opportunities to challenge Obama, but they did not, while these two men were intimidated by Political Correctness.  I hope Trump will not be like them this time.

    If Donald Trump follows the playbook of the Democratic Party for the procedure in debates then he will, like Romney and McCain, capitulate to Hillary.  The reporters asking the questions will be biased towards Hillary and will try and limit the discussion in the favor of Mrs. Clinton.  Trump’s challenge for the rest of the campaign is to realize that Hillary Clinton and her supporters will be throwing hundreds of bright shiny objects towards Donald Trump, he has to train himself not to look.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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