• COMMENTARY: Trump Goes After Black and Hispanic Voters (Sorry Hillary You Don’t Own Them)


    Hillary Clinton recently addressed, via conference call, the Laborers’ International Union of North America in Las Vegas. The former Secretary of State stated that she should be “50 points ahead” of Donald Trump in the polls. With that statement we need to ask the question, “Why is she not 50 points ahead?”

    I believe that the Clinton campaign has yet to come to the realization that Trump is running a Democrat style campaign. He is beating Hillary by using her game plan. He is attacking her stronghold, blacks and Hispanics. Hillary can’t win the election without the support of the two major minorities supporting her.

    We have all heard that some of the mainstream Republicans are against Trump because they think he is a liberal not a true conservative. When they read this commentary they will understand his true game plan. Go back to the Obama-McCain campaign in 2008, look how Obama used social media to his advantage while McCain was from a different generation not schooled in the ways of the Internet. Obama was on the campaign trail and used social media to talk about hope and change. The combination was deadly against McCain. John McCain tried to run his campaign from the Republican playbook of what to say and do when running for president, and that playbook did him in.

    McCain never attacked Obama on his experience to be president, the street fighter Obama went after John, he had no response. Romney was from the same school, be a polite gentleman, don’t attack when you have an advantage. The street fighter won two times against the Republican gentlemen. Obama said recently about his rivals, the two of them didn’t have much of a chance against him in their elections.

    So now we have Trump on the scene. He started against 16 opponents that had all studied the Republican playbook of what was expected from them during their campaign. They didn’t know for a long time that Trump was reading from the Democratic Play book.  Hillary for the most part had the nomination sewed up before the primary season got started and she started looking at the Republican playbook and was behaving more like a Republican.

    Trump would win all the debates because his performance was driven by the aggressive Obama playbook. The more he won the more power and influence he gained. It wasn’t until the last few weeks of the campaign, that the remaining opponents Cruz and Rubio figured out what Trump was doing, but by then it was to late. Trump using the Obama play book knocked off all of his opponents. Trump was better than Obama and Hillary in using the Democratic playbook.

    Nobody believed that Trump could win the necessary votes for the nomination, so when he won it, the Republican leadership started the “Never Trump” movement to try and get him replaced. They didn’t understand what he was doing.  He aggressively fought back at anything Hillary said. Hillary was sitting easy, at least she thought, the Republican party was being torn apart and Democrats were unifying. She had a cakewalk to the election to the White House, until Trump got focused on the Democratic strength the Blacks and Hispanic voters. Hillary felt that the Black and Hispanic votes were secure, she didn’t need to worry.

    Hillary’s problems with her e-mails and the Clinton foundation started to take their toll on her because Trump used the Democratic playbook against her. The American people thought she was a crook and dishonest. He named her “Crooked Hillary” and his actions made the name stick. Trump pounded on the scandals and the crookedness of the system, to build attention. While Hillary was attacking Trump, Trump was attacking both Hillary and the Democratic Party especially in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. He went were no other Republican presidential candidate went, he went into the black churches and neighborhoods and talked about what they had achieved over 50-years of Democratic rule. He asked a great question, “What do you have to loose?”

    His message began to resonate, not with the Black Lives Matter people, the Black Panthers followers or other militant groups. His message was to the hard working men and women in the Black and Hispanic communities, who wanted more for their children and grandchildren.

    Does Mrs. Clinton own the Black and Hispanic communities? She has a significant lead, but if Mr. Trump continues his outreach in the minority communities he will gain a greater and greater share of the minority vote, perhaps enough to turn the tide of the election. So, Mrs. Clinton there are many people in the Black communities all over American who are warming up to the Trump message. With less than seven weeks till the election Hillary doesn’t have time for a new playbook. Look for her to be even more vicious in her personal attacks on Trump, she will spend millions of dollars attacking Trump and very little on what she is going to do for America. I don’t think the American people want four more years of what has transpired over the previous eight years. Is Trump’s message so powerful as to defeat Mrs. Clinton? We will find out on November 8.

    Perhaps when this campaign is over, both of the playbooks will be tossed out, and an era of a new style of campaign will replace them.  Probably not!

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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