• Crazy California Legislators Approve Cow Fart Legislation to Curb Gas Emissions

    Cows could literally be exploding thanks to new legislation.

    If this wasn’t California you would know it was a spoof. However, nothing is too strange for California.

    Legislators are seriously going after cow farts. Mostly dairy farms will be hurt by this legislation as they maintain herds of cows for long periods of time.

    When you have herds of cattle, there is a constant set of chores revolving around feeding them and cleaning up after them.

    The fruit of all that labor ends up deliciously in our glasses and poured over cereal. Got Milk?

    Milk is fine, but the California government is cracking down on all that methane.

    Say no to cow farts. They believe cow farting is hurting the environment. It sounds laughable, but they are absolutely serious.

    From CBS SF:

    SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s Legislature has approved regulations on cow flatulence and manure – both blamed for releasing greenhouse gases.

    The measure was approved shortly before the end of the legislative session Wednesday after its author, Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, agreed to give dairy farms more time to comply.

    The legislation seeks to reduce methane emissions associated with manure to 40 percent below their 2013 levels by 2030. Methane is one of several gases known as short-lived climate pollutants that don’t persist for long in the atmosphere but have a huge influence on the climate.

    How exactly is the legislature planning to do this?

    Well it all starts with a whole lot of new regulations passed on to control the daily actions of the dairy farmer mentioned earlier.

    Costs will be passed on to consumers of course. No one mentions what the price of a gallon of milk will rise to after this goes into full effect, but you can bet it won’t be cheaper.

    The dairy industry pushed back with a statement in The Guardian:

    “The focus here is to highlight California Air Resources Board’s efforts at over-regulating the dairy industry,”said Anja Raudabaugh, chief executive of Western United Dairymen. “By nature’s design, (cows) pass lots of gas.

    Quite frankly, we want them to expel gas so they don’t explode.”

    Thanks to the wisdom of legislators, we may be watching cows actually explode.

    Great job government! Another example of government crushing business everywhere it turns.

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