• Friday Night Lights in ‘Flyover’ Country: People Still Honor the Flag

    This happened in America Friday night.

    CCA Flag

    Welcome to “Flyover Country”! We have white kids, black kids, Asian kids, and Hispanic kids, all playing on a team together. Working toward a goal. They want to win.

    Apparently, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is when you play football.

    Your uniform color is a lot more important!

    The team in the picture is the Clear Creek Amana Clippers, from IOWA! Go Blue! My kids actually attend this school and I was at the game tonight. Of course, there are a thousand teams like the Clippers playing football on a September Friday night in America.

    They practice hard for months in the heat. They memorize plays, learn techniques, and prepare for their opponent. Finally, it’s Friday and the game is upon them. The anticipation is electric as they put on their gear.

    I’m talking about “small town” America. Red, white, and blue kinda stuff. Guess what happens next?

    The American Flag is hoisted high and honored before the game.


    Because in a free country (and yes we are free) our teenagers get to play games no matter what the color of their skin.

    They can play whether they worship Jesus or Buddha or nothing.

    If they can learn to tackle, or catch, or run fast, they can play. It’s kind of a perfect picture of the “Melting Pot”. Do your part and you’re a part.

    If someone was ticked off about “Social Justice” you wouldn’t know it.

    Did racism stop any of the teens of color from honoring our flag?

    Heck NO!

    As a political junkie, it’s easy to be disheartened about America. You see story after story about idiots like Kaepernick and you wonder…are we lost?

    Then I go to a High School football game and all is right in the world. It’s on full display. Many citizens of America actually still LOVE it!

    Freedom kind of rocks!

    The Flag is a big part of that. The red, white, and blue is the world recognized symbol of our Freedom.

    So Colin can sit on his rear if he wants. It’s his American right, but the teens who carried the flag and then played a game of football are the real heroes to me. They are the hope of America’s future.

    Ultimately, America’s kids don’t care about winning or losing.

    Sure, they want to win, but the truth is, half of them won’t, but they will never forget the game.

    They will never forget carrying the red, white, and blue onto the field of a game…not a battle. No one dies. No bullets, just a great game.

    The Red, White, and Blue, might be on the verge of a comeback.

    One thing was obvious. The High School football players were unashamed in their love of the flag.

    They paraded it around like trophy. These photos are credited to Chris Umscheid and The North Liberty Leader.

    CCA flag2

    How many High School fields honored the flag last night?


    I would submit that the number of high schools that honored the flag Friday night would be staggering to a New York liberal.

    The number of “Patriotic Americans” is a lot more than the America hating left would like to admit.

    I personally fly the flag every day.


    Because my father-in-law was sent to Korea and came home with a Purple Heart. He carried lead in his body his entire life. Because my Great Uncle died in Andersonville Prison. Just another white farm kid fighting to free blacks from slavery. He never came home to St. Ansgar, IA. He never played football.

    I fly the flag because my Grandma’s brother died in an explosion in WWII and my Grandma never forgot. She named my Dad after him. Because sister’s mother-in-law watched her mother get blown up in a Vietnamese market by the French. Then later she married an American and came here. She still sends money home, but she loves America. Because of my friend Gabe whose friend never came home from the Afghanistan. These reasons and many more are why I fly the flag and why I take off my hat, and why I stand for the National Anthem.

    Football may be a game, but the Red, White, and Blue is serious business.

    I honor the flag because my parents taught me to do it. I was taught to take off your hat and honor those that sacrificed everything just so I can sit at a football game on a Friday night.

    Respect the flag. Honor the fallen. Fight to make America better.

    S.C. Sherman

    Senior Editor

    Steve Sherman is an author, popular radio commentator, and former Iowa House candidate. His articles have appeared nationally in both print and online for Townhall, Human Events, Clash Daily, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics, Forbes, NRATV and others. All of his novels including his most recent tome, Lone Wolf Canyon, a modern day western that infuriates the left and all "Snowflakes," are available here.

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