• Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Does it Matter Who ISIS Wants?

    This week the two major presidential candidates have taken turns using ISIS as a bludgeon with which to hit each other. This isn’t new. It’s something both have been doing for months now, with Hillary Clinton first implying that ISIS used Donald Trump as a recruiting tool before Donald Trump argued that Hillary and Obama had practically created ISIS.

    Both have military, intelligence, and counter-terrorism professionals arguing that they are right, and both have supporters who will defend their perspective through the election… but at the end of the day, does it really matter?

    This week Hillary Clinton reignited the “ISIS candidate” debate when she said this on Israeli Television.

    Mrs. Clinton started out by citing the former director of the National Counter-terrorism Center (and a Hillary Clinton supporter) Matt Olsen who recently said that:

    “ISIS spokespeople (were) rooting for Trump’s victory.”

    “Basically Matt Olsen argues that this is a great gift. They are saying ‘please Allah make Trump president of America.’ So I’m not interested in giving aid and comfort to their evil ambitions -I want to defeat them. I want to end their reign of terror. They can be getting more recruits because of our politics. So I am going to intensify what is already happening.”

    As it turns out, Mrs. Clinton is now denying that she said ISIS is rooting for a Trump victory, she was simply quoting Matt Olsen! I’m not sure where she sees the difference because, while she was quoting Olsen, she also seemed to be agreeing with him.

    Mr. Trump has not replied to the controversy personally, but a couple of his surrogates have. First, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) rose to Trump’s aid and demanded that Mrs. Clinton apologize (which is when she denied having said such a thing). Then on Thursday night, Trump mouthpiece Sean Hannity interviewed the esteemed Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss the truth… that ISIS was actually praying for a Clinton victory.

    “Yeah, so then let’s get her facts right: The presidency of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was a godsend to ISIS. Literally. When he came into office there was no such thing as ISIL…

    When we pulled our troops out and declared victory by withdrawing, that is when the story of ISIS began.”

    I have a personal opinion on which candidate ISIS prefers to win the White House, but at the end of the day, do we really care who ISIS “wants?” Does their opinion on this issue really need to play a role in which candidate we should vote for?

    I get it; there is a deeper level here. The GOP implication is that Hillary Clinton is “soft” on terror and so ISIS wants her. But the Democrat implication is that Donald Trump is a racist bigot who will turn the Muslim world against us, so ISIS wants him.

    Here’s a newsflash – ISIS will hate us, the Muslim world will hate us, and the attacks will continue… no matter which candidate is elected. So instead of worrying about who ISIS wants, let’s figure out which candidate is more likely to end the ISIS threat.

    Hombre Sinnombre

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