• Hillary’s Health: Is it an Issue?

    What was once a story only to be found on the pages of the “right-wing” media, concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health have finally found their way into the mainstream conversation. After yet another coughing fit (two more actually) on Labor Day, Hillary Clinton was forced to comment on her health Monday.

    When asked by a reporter about the questions surrounding her health, Clinton curtly replied that she wasn’t concerned about “conspiracy theories.”

    “I’m not concerned about conspiracy theories. There are so many of them, I have lost track of them. So I pay no attention to them.”

    Interestingly, right after this short exchange, Mrs. Clinton had another coughing episode and was forced to suspend the question and answer session for several minutes while she regained her composure.

    The Clinton campaign argues that the questions that keep cropping up about Clinton’s health are merely GOP led efforts to distract from the campaign at hand. However, there are those who believe this to be a serious issue that merits discussion. Questions about Ronald Reagan’s age were seen as valid and necessary when he ran for office in the 1980’s, and questions about Bob Dole and John McCain’s health were also deemed acceptable in their runs for office… why should they be out of bounds in this campaign?

    On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. made the argument that Mrs. Clinton’s health should most certainly be an issue in this campaign. During an appearance on the Mike Gallagher Radio Show, Trump Jr. contended that Hillary Clinton’s health problems may be the reason that her handlers work so hard to “hide” her from the public. He also pointed out that no one could say his father, Donald Trump, “doesn’t have the energy to do this job.”

    When host Mike Gallagher asked Trump Jr. if Clinton’s health should be “fair game” in the campaign, he was quick to respond.

    Of course it is. This is a person that, again, has a track record of not taking that phone call at 3 o’clock in the morning. You need somebody who is going to be able to do this. Listen, if there is something that no one is ever going to say it’s my father doesn’t have the energy to do this job.” 

    Trump Jr. also later pointed out that there has to be a reason that her campaign keeps her hidden away and that he believes to be a double-standard in the way the media covers the two candidates.

    It’s disgusting. But it’s a double standard that they have lived by their entire lives. If he did the same things that she did he’d be in jail for 30 years. I think it’s really not fair. But of course it’s fair game. This is a person that has to lead the free world. There’s a reason that they hide her, there’s a reason they don’t let her speak to people. It’s because she’s not very likable when she does that…She’s not a person who can speak to the people of this country…It’s very different. I don’t think you’ve ever seen a presidential candidate that has been as hidden from the people who are supposed to be her would-be constituents than Hillary Clinton and you’ve got to question why that is.

    Listen in to the Mike Gallagher Show here:

    And that is the question, isn’t it? Should we be worried about Hillary Clinton’s health? And if not, then why has her team kept her hidden from the American people for so long?

    Why hasn’t she held a public press conference in over 275 days?


    Hombre Sinnombre

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