• Hillary’s New BFF: “Fat Shamed” Miss Universe Did A Lot More Than Gain Weight

    It looks like Democrat Hillary Clinton has sewn up the all-important gun moll vote by naming former beauty queen and get-away driver Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe Pageant winner from 1996, as its new attack surrogate.

    Clinton invoked Machado during Monday night’s presidential debate when she accused her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, of being anti-women because he fat-shamed Machado, calling her “Miss Piggy” and an “eating machine” nearly 20 years ago when she gained almost 50 lbs. shortly after winning her Miss Universe title. Trump owned the Miss Universe Pageant at the time, so he had no choice but to protect his investment and that’s why he got on to Machado about her sudden weight gain, according to his supporters.

    Although Clinton named Machado during the debate, she failed to mention any of the former beauty queen’s past troubles, including accusations Machado was the get-away driver in a Venezuelan murder case where her boyfriend at the time was later sentenced, or that she threatened to kill the Venezuelan judge who indicted her boyfriend, and also worked in the porn industry. Instead, Clinton said Machado had survived her ordeal with Trump, had recently become an American citizen, and would be sending a message to her former boss by voting for Clinton in the upcoming election.

    Almost immediately after the debate, Clinton doubled down on Machado by casting her as an attack surrogate in a new campaign ad against Trump.

    CNN reporter, Anderson Cooper interviewed Machado on Tuesday, the day after the debate, and she did not deny any of the accusations on live TV.

    According to Judge Fuenmayor, whom she allegedly threatened to kill, a woman identifying herself as Machado called him after the ruling against her boyfriend, and “said she would make sure, using her friendship with the president (Rafael Caldera), that my career as a judge is ruined and then she would kill me.” Fuenmayor reported the alleged threats to police and said he traced the caller through a caller I.D. function on his mobile phone.

    Machado was not indicted as the getaway driver in her boyfriend’s murder case due to insufficient evidence, but if she had been, she could have received up to 18 months in prison. Following the incident, she later went on to have a career in telenovelas.

    Will Clinton or her handlers admit they made a mistake by hitching their wagon to Machado’s dimming star and not properly vetting her? That would be anyone’s guess, but the campaign gaff has raised new questions about the Obama administration’s improper vetting of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees. If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be fooled so easily, what sorts of people has the Obama administration let in on the eve of our next presidential election?

    Kenneth Artz

    Kenneth Artz is a news reporter for The Heartland Institute, covering health care, energy and the environment, education, and budget & tax news. He has over 20 years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, publishing, newspaper reporting, and public policy advocacy, and has worked as a newspaper reporter for several papers in Texas, and as a writer/editor for the National Center for Policy Analysis.

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