• Navigating the Birds and the Bees with the Gender Unicorn

    As students across the country head back to school over the next few weeks, most of them will be will be greeted with a reassuring

    “Good morning boys and girls!”

    However, in some select school districts, students will instead be greeted with a cacophony of alternative designations.

    In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools (CMS), “boys” and “girls” has been retired in favor of “students” and “scholars”.

    Teachers are to address “scholars” by whatever pronouns fit their fancy. Indeed, not even grammar is immune to this sweeping, new policy change.

    So-called “non-binary transgendered individuals” are to be referred to as “they” (instead of “he” or “she”).

    The confusion does not stop there.

    Per the CMS policy, the official school transcript will reflect the name and sex of the scholar as reflected on his/her/their official birth certificate. All other records will reflect the personal choices of the scholar.

    So, a transcript may say that a particular student is a boy, but he is whatever he wants to be for everything else.

    Presumably, the only limits for this are a particular student’s imagination. For one student, the transcript may say that he is a boy, but the yearbook lists him as “gender non-specific,” and where overnight trips are concerned, he is a girl.

    Because no one naturally thinks like this, the school systems requiring their teachers and staff to undergo gender re-education training have helpfully provided a visual graphic to help make sense of it all.

    The Gender Unicorn was recently provided to CMS staff to help them understand some of the changes that the school system is trying to implement. Unfortunately, the irony of using an imaginary creature to convey this point was lost on school administrators.

    Gender Unicorn

    It was not lost on parents, who went so far as to stage a protest (in the rain) over the policy changes.

    However, they are just as likely to be upset over the new restrictions on communication between teachers and parents, as they are about the fact that their five-year old is coloring in pictures of the Gender Unicorn in between Math and Reading classes. Under the new policy, school employees are prohibited from “outing” a student, even to his own parents.

    So, it is entirely possible that a student has one identity at home and a completely different identity (or set of identities) at school, to which his parents are completely oblivious but which the school system is actively encouraging and fostering.

    While the bathroom-related provisions of this policy are currently on hold pending Supreme Court review, the rest of the policy remains in force. Whether these new regulations will become a model for other school systems’ policies will likely largely depend on how successfully they are implemented in Charlotte and the handful of other school systems across the country that are currently piloting them.


    Marc Seelinger

    When he’s not writing for the Daily Surge, Marc Seelinger is an insurance adjuster for one of the largest insurance carriers in the country. He is a freelance conservative writer and blogger and has consulted with several state-level legislative and judicial campaigns in North Carolina. He currently resides in Charlotte with his wife and dog, Reagan.

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