• Obama Admin Loves Them Some Syrian Refugees — Unless They’re Christian

    The Democrat party claims to disavow any immigration restrictions based on religion, but has instituted a de facto ban on the acceptance of Christian refugees.

    Of the 10,803 Syrian refugees Obama has brought over, only 56 are Christians.

    Fifty-six! That is a ridiculously tiny number when considering 10 percent of all Syrians are reported to be Christians!

    The numbers clearly show that the Obama Administration policy is one that discriminates against religious minorities seeking refugee status. Not just any religion…singularly they are against the Christian faith.

    After all, there is no legislation prohibiting us from providing sanctuary for persecuted Christians fleeing ISIS. Especially, when by and large the people persecuted the most have been Christians in the middle east. Convert to Islam or die is the choice presented.

    Given that choice, many Christians might choose a different choice. How about come to America? Not so fast, Obama’s America takes illegals, and jihadis, but says no to Christians!

    Why aren’t Christians coming in numbers proportional to their percentage of the population?

    The answer is they are exiled and persecuted in the safe haven “camps” that the UN has set up in Jordan.

    According to Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom:

    “The Christians don’t reside in those camps, because it is too dangerous. They are preyed upon by other residents from the Sunni community and there is infiltration by ISIS and criminal gangs. They are raped, abducted into slavery and they are sold for ransom. It is extremely dangerous, there is not a single Christian in the Jordanian camps for Syrian refugees.”

    Fantastic! Let’s bring those people to America!

    The rapists and the criminals can remain in contention for Obama’s Golden Ticket to the US, but their victims are left to fend for themselves in a terrifying environment.

    For all the liberal talk against promoting rape culture in America, they have no problem promoting it in other countries. The refugee pool we are supposedly “vetting” is made up of the people dominating these horrible camps and committing the atrocities.

    I need to find a safe space with some puppy dog pictures after reading about what these Christians have endured.

    Yet, these are the people the Democrats want to bring in by the tens of thousands.

    However, The Atlantic is reporting:

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to withdraw his state from the federal refugee-resettlement program, escalating the clash between Republican-led states and the Obama administration over the relocation of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

    Abbott repeatedly cited security fears about possible refugees and said the resettlement program was “riddled with serious problems that pose a threat to our nation.”

    It’s painful to watch Aleppo, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, be completely snuffed out by radical Islamist’s.

    BBC NEWS explains:

    Near the northern city of Aleppo is the Church of St Simeon Stylites, who spent decades on top of a stone pillar to demonstrate his faith, while in the mountains west of Homs is the castle of Krak des Chevaliers, which was a fortress for the Knights Hospitaller during the Crusades.

    The castle is now badly damaged, bombed by government jets after it was used as a base by rebels in Syria’s civil war.

    Nor has that war spared the Christian community. Thousands have been forced from their homes by the threat from hardline Islamist rebels and jihadist militants.

    In areas seized by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), Christians have been ordered to convert to Islam, pay jizya (a religious levy), or face death. In the Syrian province of Hassakeh in February 2015,hundreds of Christians are feared to have been kidnapped by the militants.

    Senior Christian clerics have also been kidnapped by unknown gunmen. Suspicion for the abductions has fallen on the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.

    The apostle Paul is said to have been converted on the road to Damascus, while some Christians from the town of Maaloula can still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

    Why is America operating under UN refugee rules? Ask President Obama.

    US Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has proposed a solution to bypass the system set up by the UN that has utterly failed to help the most desperate among the refugees.

    His proposed legislation, the Religious Persecution Relief Act, would allow religious minorities to apply for refugee status directly with US.

    There is little hope for that system to work any better than our vetting process.

    Ashleigh Diacogiannis

    Ashleigh Diacogiannis is a Texas A&M alum, a military wife, and a mother of two. She is committed to small government ideals, pro-life advocacy, and exposing radical Islam. She is responsible for the social media content of several organizations, including a popular radio station. She believes we should fight on the battleground of ideas; they outlive people––and conservative ideas always win.

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