• AWFUL: Progressive Politicians Are Managing Seattle’s Decline

    As election season shifts into high gear the political hopefuls are promising ever more extravagant guarantees in an effort to win votes. Here on the West Coast politicians have completely thrown in the towel on civic responsibility and have chosen instead to focus on micromanaging the lives of their constituents. From scheduling to rent to health care, nothing is off limits in their quest to infantalize their voters. Just last week the Seattle City Council passed the “secure scheduling law.”

    The new requirements which the mayor is expected to sign into law this week guarantees 14 days advance notice of work schedule, compensation if the work schedule changes, and prevents employers from hiring new part-time workers if current employees want the hours. Naturally unions were exempt from this new legislation. Upon hearing the news that the Seattle city council had saved them from their non-existent work scheduling crisis most employees vomited into their mouths.

    Meanwhile, as the city council focused its attention on micromanaging the lives and choices of their constituents, traffic jams continue to snarl commuters around the region as city planners and bureaucrats spend limited tax dollars on programs that mostly involve lecturing their constituents on “ride sharing” programs and revising the scheduled “openings” of light rail expansion links in order to pretend it’s all proceeding on schedule.

    The Seattle Tunnel Project continues to fail to meet deadlines and the public is becoming increasingly frustrated as traveling in and around Seattle becomes an exercise in frustration and gridlock. One commuter chose to look at the bright side and said, “I get so angry that my heart rate skyrockets so basically this is my cardio.” Her doctor couldn’t be reached for comment.

    In addition to refusing to do their jobs of managing traffic flow as efficiently as possible, the Seattle City Council is also declining to enforce trespass laws around the city as homelessness skyrockets throughout the region. The city, county, and state have spent over a billion dollars over the past 10 years in an effort to combat homelessness. The result has been an unprecedented rise in the homeless population which brings along with it all the attending issues that are inexorably intertwined with it: addiction, disease, crime, and basic sanitation problems.

    In response to public concerns about the homeless encampments springing up around the city the council Mayor Murray proposed another tax hike and spending an additional 12 million dollars on top of the 50 million Seattle spends per year on the problem. He also announced the hiring of a new Homeless Director who will be making  a whopping $137,000 per year.

    Despite the overwhelming record of failure the citizens of Seattle will continue to allow the local government to ignore its basic responsibilities while intruding evermore into the personal decisions of its constituents because the alternative is obviously a city held hostage to the extreme right wing’s nefarious plan to limit government to managing the infrastructure of a growing city and leave the personal and social responsibilities to individuals.

    Seattle Grump

    No journalistic pedigree to speak of, just a run of the mill mutt hoping to keep the public informed like a free and open press is supposed to. My professional journalistic experience pretty exclusively involves being lied to often and with gusto by a press committed to advancing a narrative versus informing the citizenry of the facts on the ground. You can follow me on Twitter @SeattleGrump.

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