• More Random Violence Against Cops: Are People Like Kaepernick to Blame?

    Pro-football player Colin Kaepernick gobbles up headlines across the country for dishonoring our flag and speaking out against cops. Are people like him to blame for random violence against cops?

    A man in Arizona now faces three counts of attempted murder after intentionally ramming his car into a group of three police officers outside a gas station convenience store.

    At 2 AM on Tuesday morning Marc Payne drove his vehicle at three Phoenix police officers that were having a conversation. The impact broke one officer’s leg, sent another hurtling through the air, and barely missed hitting the third officer. Payne then exited his car and began fighting with the dazed officers, who eventually took control of the situation, tazed Payne and took him into custody.

    Police believe that Payne was driving impaired, though have not said whether it was due to alcohol or drugs, and news outlets are reporting that he has ties to the local Black Lives Matter organization and has participated in at least one protest march in recent months.

    However, the local #BlackLivesMatter group is disavowing any knowledge of Mr. Payne and commended the officers for being able to take Payne into custody without using their guns, even though deadly force would have been justified.

    Police Chief Joe Yahner was thankful that the situation ended without any death, but upset that officers now have even more to worry about.

    “I’m very proud of the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department, and I’m outraged by this incident. Our Phoenix police officers were targeted… We are confident that this is an intentional act. This stuff needs to stop.”

    This continues a trend of violence directed at the police in major cities around the nation. While the violence against police is terrible in it’s own right, it (along with the #BLM protests) has had the secondary effect of forcing the nations police back on their heels, which has led to a corresponding SPIKE in crime.

    There are very real consequences to the anti-cop sentiment being nurtured on the American Left — consequences that are causing problems for all Americans.

    Hombre Sinnombre

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