• Trump and Pence PUMMEL Hillary on ‘Email’ Corruption, ‘Deplorables’ Comment

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence are taking turns pummeling the already reeling Hillary Clinton campaign for the White House.

    What has already been a tough September for Clinton promises to become even more difficult if the Trump campaign can continue to stay on message over the next few weeks, as evidenced by Trump and Pence’s dueling commentary against Clinton recently.

    First, during a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday, Mr. Trump buttered the crowd up by reminding them that while Hillary Clinton was slandering Trump voters as deplorable and irredeemable, he was fighting to defend them.

    While my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, I call you hard-working American patriots who love your country and want a better future for all of our people.

    Her comments displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal laws as Secretary of State, hide and delete her e-mails. I think 33,000 e-mails.

    Then Mr. Trump argued that the crimes that Clinton is guilty of are far worse than Nixon’s, and that if she’s elected, the American people can expect more of the same behavior from her and her staff.

    Her comments displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal law as Secretary of State, hide and delete her emails, –think 33,000 emails, and that is just one batch. That is a lot of wedding talk! To put classified information in the reach of our enemies, lie to Congress, and sell government favors and access through the Clinton Foundation.

    (Starting about 6 minutes into his Iowa speech.)

    It’s this attitude of arrogance that explains why Hillary Clinton made 13 phones disappear – including with a hammer – so the FBI couldn’t see them, and why she bleached her emails after a congressional subpoena. After the subpoena came — this isn’t before. That is after the subpoena came. Now the people who destroyed the emails are all pleading the fifth amendment in front of Congress today. Have you seen what is going on in front of Congress? Fifth Amendment. Horrible. And will anything happen? That’s what we’ll find out.

    Anyone watching today’s hearing in Congress knows that Hillary Clinton’s actions are far more corrupt than we even imagined. 

    This is a far bigger scandal than Watergate ever was, but with Watergate we had justice, we had the Justice Department that went after the people. We’ve never, ever seen anything like this.

    This is a scandal that threatens national security and that involves a multimillion-dollar pay-for-play scheme between the Secretary of State and her Foundation.
    Whether it’s her emails, her disasters in Iraq, Libya and Syria, or her failures on the economy, of which is has been disastrous, Hillary Clinton lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country. She does, you know it, everybody knows it.

    In the words of a secret service agent posted outside her office: “she simply lacks the integrity and the temperament to serve in the office…from the bottom of my soul, I know this to be true.”

    The policies of Hillary Clinton have produced death and destruction overseas, and produced only failing schools, rising crime, job loss, shrinking incomes, and tragic poverty at home.

    Meanwhile, Trump’s running mate Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) was on Capitol Hill speaking to Congressional Republicans in an effort to encourage them to support Trump more openly.

     “I think millions of Americans were shocked and saddened to see Hillary Clinton refer to people across this country as a basket of deplorables in a prepared speech before wealthy donors in New York City on Friday night.

    She said at the time that half of the people supporting Donald Trump and I were irredeemable, not American, and frankly I’ve never heard a major party candidate speak about the American people with such contempt.

    What Hillary Clinton apparently doesn’t know is that the people supporting this campaign are hard-working Americans who come out to our rallies, come out to our town halls, who stop us in diners, who visit with us at meetings at factories. They’re people who run businesses, people who fun factories, they’re veterans, police officers, moms and dads and farmers.

    For Hillary Clinton to express such disdain for millions of Americans is one more reason that disqualifies her to serve in the highest office. Anyone who has that low an opinion of the American people should never serve as president.

    Donald Trump supporters are not a basket of anything. They are Americans and they deserve respect from the Democrat nominee for president.”

    Ouch. If Trump and Pence can keep up this level of targeted attack on Clinton, we may look back at September as the month that Donald Trump sealed the deal and won the White House.

    Hombre Sinnombre

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