• COMMENTARY: Clinton’s Strategy Going for the Cheap Shot

    When you have nothing positive going for you on the issues, distract the voting public by burying your opponent with personal attacks. Sound familiar? President Obama implied in his 2016 State of the Union address that Donald Trump is a racist. In keeping with her intention to become a third Obama term, Hillary Clinton adopted Obama’s ad hominem attack as the leading edge of her presidential campaign.

    Here is the Wikipedia definition of ad hominem: “A logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.” Bill O’Reilly explains it: “The only chance that the Democrats have to win the White House is to say to the American public, ‘These Republicans are racists.’ The Democrats can’t run on national security, they can’t run on the economy, so they have to run on emotion.”

    Hillary Clinton does not want to discuss her open borders policy, her intention to raise taxes, or the pay-for-play corruption centering around her foundation. Instead, she continues to allege that Trump is a “sexual predator” based on an 11-year-old video that has been taken out of context. Following Big Sister around is her neurotic alter ego, Elizabeth Warren, who screams at Trump, “We’ve had it with guys like you!” Demonizing Donald with a pejorative label such as racist or fascist or sexist avoids the responsibility of actually responding in a meaningful way to the substance of his positions. Ironically this is what fascists do and it lowers the election to a disturbing level of depravity.

    Adding immeasurably to her offense is the hypocrisy of Big Sister’s arguments. HRC is guilty of virtually every crime she tries to pin on Trump. Here are some examples:

    • Trump is racist (because he wants to build the wall): While serving in the Senate, HRC voted to—guess what—build a wall. First Lady HRC called young black men “super-predators” implying that all young black males are violent criminals. She referred to a Jewish campaign operative as a “f*cking Jew bastard.”
    • Trump is sexist: As reported in the New York Post, HRC is “waging the most sexist campaign in the history of presidential contests.” Unashamedly playing the women’s card, Big Sister has boasted that she has “a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation.” And let’s not forget that she reputedly was the brains behind efforts to quell the “bimbo eruptions’’ that threatened to derail Bill’s first presidential campaign.
    • Trump is bigoted: WikiLeaks has revealed that Clinton does not think very highly of Southerners, Catholics, Evangelicals, and “needy” Hispanics.
    • Trump is in bed with Putin: WikiLeaks has revealed that Big Sister’s campaign manager, John Podesta, may have deep ties to Putin. And to top it off, there is the scandalous Clinton Foundation uranium deal that gives Russia control of 20 percent of America’s uranium.
    • Trump won’t release his taxes: HRC won’t release the content of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street.
    • Trump doesn’t believe in equal pay: According to the most recent figures, the Clinton Foundation leadership team has an $81,000 average gender pay gap.

    And so it goes. Lie through the teeth. Big Sister will do anything in the pursuit of power. Unfortunately, the media is complicit in her ad hominem strategy. Newt Gingrich has observed that one night the networks spent 23 minutes on personal allegations against Trump versus a total of 56 seconds about HRC’s dream of a borderless Western Hemisphere. I particularly enjoyed Gingrich’s dressing down of Megan Kelly on Fox. “You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy,” Gingrich said. “I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory and not true. That’s exactly the bias people are upset by.” I’m glad somebody finally had the courage to say it.

    Ed Brodow is a negotiation expert, political commentator, and author of In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public.

    Ed Brodow

    Ed Brodow (USMC Retired), author of the brand new book, Tyranny of the Minority: How The Left is Destroying America and a contributor to DailyCaller.com and DailySurge.com. Brodow is one of the world’s leading negotiation experts and a staunch advocate of critical thinking. SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed him “The King of Negotiators.” Forbes Magazine agreed, ranking Ed as one of the nation’s top dealmakers. He is the author of six books, including the business classic, Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals. For two decades, Ed’s acclaimed Negotiation Boot Camp® seminars have set the standard for “how to make a deal” in Corporate America. A nationally recognized television personality, Ed has appeared as negotiation guru on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Fortune Business Report, and Inside Edition. He is negotiation consultant to some of the world’s most prominent organizations, including Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Learjet, Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, McKinsey, Philips, Zurich Insurance, the IRS, the GSA, and the Pentagon. As a keynote speaker, Ed has enthralled more than 1,000 audiences in Paris, Milan, Athens, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and New York with his charismatic stage presence, infectious humor, and practical ideas. In previous lives, Ed was a U.S. Marine Corps officer, corporate sales executive, and Hollywood movie actor.

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