• COMMENTARY: New Racial Slur – Whitelash?


    New Racial Slur: Non-College educated white men and women.

    How degrading on the part of the media and others was the chastising of white Americans for voting what they believe. The election night coverage was perhaps the most biased I’ve ever seen. Throughout the night the mainstream media reported the vote of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, gays, homosexuals, and women and men.

    This time they added a new group and they attacked it, the new group was white, non-college educated men and women. According to the most recent census white people make up 63% of the population, Hispanic are next at about 20%, and blacks account for about 13%. White people are not racist just because they are white, but Van Jones a commentator for CNN called the white vote for Trump “Whitelash” against minorities.

    In the 2016 Presidential election Trump attracted the highest percentage of both white men and women, which shouldn’t be surprising, given what you will see later, but it did seemed to surprise the mainstream media and others. To further discount the importance this group of Americans they put the prefix non-college educated to further classifies and degrades this class. How is it possible that the rubes and red necks impacted the political process by beating Hillary?  This is another example of the elitist looking down on common folk. This was what happened in England in the Briext vote, the elitist and the politicians believed the uneducated needed to be told what to do and they had to think and act on their behalf.

    Lets look at the numbers in a different way. According to the Census Bureau, 25% of all Americans have a college degree. This means by simple math that 75% don’t have a degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported the 50% of the people currently unemployed in the United States have a college degree. So in reality the new minority should be employed white people with a college degree.

    Charles C. Camosy writing in the Washington Post, said of the relationship between college and non college educated people said, “Sometimes the college-educated find themselves so unable to understand a particular working-class point of view that they will respond to those perspectives with shocking condescension”

    The idea that because a person that has a college degree they are superior to those who do not have a degree offends me, because it implies that you are superior to me because you have a degree. Debate.org posed the question, “Should only people with college degree be allowed to vote? The response shows the elite nature that has to over come, the result was the 63% of the people who responded believed that only college graduates should be allowed to vote. With only 25% having college degrees then the elites believe that 75% of the country would be disenfranchised.

    I suggest that colleges and universities are turning out graduates that are ill equipped to relate to 75% of America who are not educated. Now add to the mix that the elites think that the white men and women who voted for Trump have to be discounted because they are raciest. In essence if you are white and do not have a degree and you voted for Trump you must be a raciest. Hillary said that Trump was a raciest because of his strong stand against illegal aliens. If you are white and you voted for Trump you are a raciest by association. Lets pose a new question, are all the Black, Hispanics, LBGT who voted for Trump raciest? The argument that non-college educated whites breaks down when you have to take into consideration non-white minorities who voted for Trump.

    In the past many whites have not voted and the Democrats thought of themselves successful in that they had convinced a great many white people not to get involved and vote. But, the great silent majority that has been silent majority for 43 years has awakened in 2016 to reassert that power of the patriotic white voter that elected Trump.

    They longer the mainstream media keeps using the white non-college educated as a class the anger will continue to grow. Democrats would be wise to keep in mind that 23 of the 33 senators up for re-election in 2018 are Democrats. Watch out for the gun totem, bible carrying, white non-college educated people who might have a thing or two to say in that election.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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