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    On a prominent left-leaning TV talk show, a conservative guest was asked if she believed that white people could be the objects of racism. Her affirmative response was greeted with an onslaught of laughter, sarcasm, and derision. As I listened to her being reduced to a figure of foolishness, it occurred to me that not only are white people the objects of racism but we are at a point in our social history where traditional values are being turned upside down.

    The Left has invented “white privilege,” a concept describing the alleged unfairness of societal privileges that benefit all people identified as white. Despite the rhetoric, it is a racist attack on white people. “White people are the only group in the country that is discriminated against via Affirmative Action by official government policy,” wrote John Hawkins at Townhall.com. Look at the headlines:

    Obama’s Lackey Tells Students “There Are Too Many Whites In Top Government jobs.”

     College Celebrates People Who Want To “Breed White People Out Of Existence”

     Teacher: Minorities Don’t Have to Show Up or Hand in Assignments on Time Because of “White Privilege”

    School systems across the country, according to Bill O’Reilly on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, are recommending that teachers should treat minority students differently than whites, that black students should not be disciplined for a variety of behavioral offenses because the responsibility for those behaviors lies with the white community. Therein lies the danger of the white privilege argument. Minority students are being told that they do not have to take responsibility for their own behavior. Buying into the notion of white privilege compounds an existing problem that is destroying our minority communities.

    Being white is only part of the perceived problem. The Left is now sending me the message that it is high time I apologized not merely for my white privilege but also for my “toxic masculinity.” (Is someone putting me on, or did they sprinkle LSD in my flu shot?) Up to now, Western culture has been dominated by white males. “We live in the strongest, most powerful, most prosperous nation in human history,” said John Hawkins, “and if we’re being honest, white men probably deserve 95% of the credit for that.” Without warning, they want to take all the credit away.

    To a large segment of the population, white men are the enemy. In The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century, Jack Myers writes that, “We are entering a new age of female dominance and a reshaping of the male psyche, the male libido, and the male ego.” Feminine attributes are being placed on a pedestal while progressive women refer to men as “homo obnoxious.” Todd Starnes observed on Fox News that “in the hit Broadway musical, My Fair Lady, Professor Henry Higgins laments in a song, ‘Why can’t a woman be more like a man?’ Today,” says Starnes, “Professor Higgins might be singing a different tune, ‘Why can’t a man be more like a woman?’”

    Many colleges have “opted to condemn manliness,” says Forbes. Brown University, for example, has a program titled “Masculinity 101” for students to unlearn their toxic masculinity. Oregon State University unveiled a conference where students will “engage in collective imagining to construct new futures for masculinities, unrestricted by power, privilege, and oppression.” Duke University has a similar project sponsored by—you guessed it—the Women’s Center. “A group of academics telling boys not to be men,” says Forbes in a rare moment of sanity, “will only make the problems associated with young men who haven’t learned to be gentleman worse.”

    The Left will shout me down if I say that most of the white men I know work hard in order to fulfill their potential. They will remind me that 98% of mass murderers are men. If you are foolish enough to believe in traditional masculinity, you run the risk of being called sexist, racist, fascist, Nazi, or worse (if that is possible). Frankly, I am sick of all this self-serving propaganda.

    I’m tired of being told how dysfunctional I am by people who can barely use toilet paper. In the same way that white privilege is racist, toxic masculinity is sexist. So what is the real driving force behind all this reverse racism and sexism? Is it really a campaign for equality? Actually, it is a fight for equality only in the Orwellian sense. “All animals are equal,” George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, “but some animals are more equal than others.”

    What we are observing is really a grab for power by vocal minority groups, especially radical feminist women, blacks, gays, and Muslims. Minority special interests are attempting to convince the white majority that it should submit to the minority will. Minority mouthpieces are not satisfied with equality. Gloria Steinem believes that “the best man for the job is a woman.” Rev. Al Sharpton wants to run the show, to be “more equal.” Muslims want to supplant the Constitution with Sharia. What better way to accomplish these goals than by convincing the rest of us that our traditional values are for the birds. It kills me to see intelligent people falling for this nonsense. Remember what I said: Beware the tyranny of the minority.

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    Ed Brodow

    Ed Brodow (USMC Retired), author of the brand new book, Tyranny of the Minority: How The Left is Destroying America and a contributor to DailyCaller.com and DailySurge.com. Brodow is one of the world’s leading negotiation experts and a staunch advocate of critical thinking. SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed him “The King of Negotiators.” Forbes Magazine agreed, ranking Ed as one of the nation’s top dealmakers. He is the author of six books, including the business classic, Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals. For two decades, Ed’s acclaimed Negotiation Boot Camp® seminars have set the standard for “how to make a deal” in Corporate America. A nationally recognized television personality, Ed has appeared as negotiation guru on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Fortune Business Report, and Inside Edition. He is negotiation consultant to some of the world’s most prominent organizations, including Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Learjet, Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, McKinsey, Philips, Zurich Insurance, the IRS, the GSA, and the Pentagon. As a keynote speaker, Ed has enthralled more than 1,000 audiences in Paris, Milan, Athens, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and New York with his charismatic stage presence, infectious humor, and practical ideas. In previous lives, Ed was a U.S. Marine Corps officer, corporate sales executive, and Hollywood movie actor.

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