• Commentary: DoD Obama Holdovers are Putting America at Risk – Trump Needs to Drain the Swamp AND Now

    President Trump has the opportunity to protect America which go right along with his #MAGA slogan. A safe America is a great America. Even if we could forget about Iran or even Russia, North Korea has become and imminent nuclear threat. Kim Jung Il and his surrogates have literally threatened to nuke America. Sure, it can be laughed off as braggadocio or some international chest pounding, but North Korea does actually have nuclear weapons. America would be more than foolish not to prepare for an attack.

    Other than an offensive strike to take out North Korea or any other enemy, America needs strong and capable defensive weapons in the case of a nuclear strike. It’s great to be an American where that technology exists. Ground based missile defense systems are underway to protect America (in the near future) from just such an attack.

    That is if President Trump acts decisively and cleans house at the DoD. Obama holdovers are seriously endangering America’s safety and it’s time to make it right.

    During the Obama Administration, a disaggregation plan was hatched. You may ask, “What is a disaggregation?” In military strategy, disaggregation is the practice of decentralizing assets to make them more resilient to attack. Disaggregation refers to a means of creating resiliency by spreading capabilities across diverse platforms, including hosted payloads, smaller satellites, and tactical and strategic capabilities.

    However, when the term is used in conjunction with procurement policies it is a form of insourcing at the DoD and centralization. Basically, it takes away authority from contractors and transfers that authority to bureaucrats at the Pentagon. Under the disaggregation plan, instead of having companies with expertise develop, maintain and deploy whole systems, the DoD would attempt to bring those services in house and contract out different pieces of the system to many different companies.

    This type of “insourcing” has been tried and it has failed every time. The DoD could never match what some of America’s top companies have been doing for years. The Trump Administration has an opportunity to toss aside Obama Administration plans to increase bureaucracy over the GMD program that would slow the deployment of technology to defend the homeland.

    The government expansion would fall under the MDA (Missile Defense Agency) and is set to take over by mid-2018 so there is no time to lose. Vice Admiral James Syring was appointed by Obama to head the Missile Defense Agency and he faithfully executed Obama’s plans. After losing his job under Trump, in his last day on the job he signed a mandate intended to lock us into the misguided insourcing program that will weaken our national security.  That mandate must be undone.

    The GMD system is the only system proven to protect the US mainland from ICBM’s, but it is still in development and has been inhibited by Obama’s Euro centric priorities.  Syring’s mandate will make the situation even worse by seeking to in-source the GMD at the DoD and break apart the development and maintenance of the system to multiple different vendors—or disaggregate the system.

    Engaging in such a risky acquisition experiment at a time when the threat of a nuclear attack is the highest since the Cold War is misguided and will pose great risk to US national security. Switching to a new system will cause delays, disruptions of protection and increased costs and inhibit our ability to stay ahead of N Korea advancements.

    The current system is on schedule to implement the Robust Homeland Defense, an expansion of the current proven system by the deadline of 2022. Any attempt to explore an experimental acquisition process should be delayed until then.

    Making sure America’s homeland is fully protected should be job one!


    Cloakroom Confidential

    Cloakroom Confidential was a longtime Capitol Hill staffer and insider who has contacts in the House and Senate at the highest levels.

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