• Who is Antifa? The Angry Youth? Anarchists Determined to Burn it All Down or Closet Capitalists

    If you do a little online research into just, Who is Antifa? It’s both disturbing and hilarious.

    You will find a combination of anger, outrage, and violence seeking an outlet. All that pent up rage spreads itself around targeting virtually everyone.

    The violence they worship is a sickness. They see violent protest as a means to an end, but no one seems to really knows what that end is.

    What will burning cop cars, marching, rioting, tossing urine on people really do? As in, what will it accomplish?

    What would be satisfying to the general Antifa anarchist that would make him/her lay down their cup of piss?

    No one seems to know. Simply burn it all down seems to be the underlying theme.

    I guess anarchists really are equal opportunity haters.

    This image from their website seems pretty violent to me, but free speech and all.

    You can easily find hate filled rants at both Obama and Trump. Any and all “Big Business” is definitely evil to an anarchist, but mostly Trump is  the pinnacle of the anarchists outrage symbolizing both big business and conservatism.

    The websites www.itsgoingdown.org  and www.refusefascism.org are good representations of what/who is Antifa.

    Itsgoingdown.org describes who they are as follows:

    It’s Going Down is a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.

    That sounds as innocuous as possible. They do sound like they have talked to a lawyer as they disavow organizing anything violent:

    We do not plan or organize protests. We signal boost what people are already organizing in their locality.

    We do not advocate or promote violence or non-violence. Movements for liberation decide for themselves on the best strategy to get and stay free is. We respect local organizing efforts and their understanding of the situation they are faced with.

    They definitely have no desire to take the fall for anything violent. However, when you share videos like this, it’s difficult not to think they promote rioting, destruction of property, burning of cop cars, hatred of all civil society, and general terrorism. Pretty scary stuff.

    Is Antifa a bunch angry college kids getting their angst out or are they true blue terrorists?

    We can take them at their own words. In a It’s going down propaganda piece it is enlightening. Read the entire 52 page manifesto here…if you can get through it.

    In it the Antifa anarchists talk about the riots and violence we’ve seen the last few years.

    The riots were just the start, we must go much further.


    Buildings have been burned, freeways have been blocked, and millions of dollars of property and police equipment has been destroyed.

    “But nothing has changed,” we hear people say over and over again. And they are right.

    The riots, blockades, occupations, and shut-downs failed because they didn’t go far enough.

    Revolutions that go half-way, dig their own grave.

    There you have it. Revolutions that go half-way dig their own grave. What does that mean to our ninja-dressed cry-babies? It’s difficult to determine. They’ve managed to be fairly violent to date.

    If they plan on taking this to a whole new level, things could get interesting. If what we’ve seen so far, is only “Halfway”, then we better hang-on-to-our-hats, this could get bumpy.

    They have already crossed over the lines into full out terrorism. They wear the masks and ninja suits to conceal their individual identities while allowing mob rule. We have seen Antifa arrested and prosecuted who were actually committing violent acts of destruction. They obviously don’t intend to protest peaceably in the light of day…without masks.


    Anonymity always allows the human psyche to go to an increased level of depravity.

    The lack of responsibility for ones actions causes those actions to descend rapidly into the violent and societally unacceptable realms.

    Antifa explains why they wear masks like this:

    We wear masks, not because we are police agents nor because we are always intent on startin somethin, but rather we cover our faces to remain safe in conflict-filled situations involving the police. Contrary to the opinion popular among a certain segment of the protester population, white people do sometimes get targeted by the police even when they are in majority black crowds. In our experience, police pick out and target or scapegoat rebellious individuals with easily identifiable features: a brightly colored piece of clothing for example. They do this in order to make a quick and successful arrest with easily communicated orders. This is why we wear dark clothes and masks. It’s not (just) because we think we look good dressed up like ninjas.

    Basically, they do think it looks “cool” to dress in black and not be singled out by police. Did they just shoot the entire targeting of blacks theory in the foot?

    So…white people actually get “targeted” by police? How is that possible? I thought white people all got a pass from the police. Hmm. Being an anarchist is confusing.

    It gets even more confusing when right in the middle of the glorious web site worshiping all things anarchy…they suddenly go full on capitalist!

    Say it ain’t so! Oh, but it is.

    Reality is a bitch and funding websites is expensive! You can almost smell the self-loathing after they asked for money.

    First they explained how a budding young anarchist could take part in capitalism:

    IGD accepts monetary donation via the anonymous digital currency bitcoin and through regular Credit or Debit Card. Your donation helps to keep this site running and can help provide monetary support to authors for original contribution and direct reporting. Please sign up to become a monthly donor of our project.

    But the guilt of betraying the true cause of anarchy was just too much and they had to justify their greed:

    Sadly we have not freed ourselves from capitalism. We too need to eat and pay the bills.

    IGD is not a hobby or a part time project, we have never and will never accept grants, advertisement revenue, payments, or donations from any organization or wealthy billionaire.

    IGD is a daily commitment of volunteers. Your donations monetarily support the work of full time Editors, Podcasters, Technical Engineers as well as the Artists who design and print t-shirts, booklets, magazines, and so on. Your donations help send reports to uprisings and rebellions in so-called North America. $3,000 a month is our bare minimum budget to sustain the work of these individuals.

    Their YouTube channel takes it further and explains their need for money.

    Here is the description of what anarchists do with your hard earned money.

    Since our humble start in the spring of 2015 we’ve been proud to serve as the leading outlet for anarchist news and counter information. Your financial support has helped IGD grow and sustain itself for the last two years. Since our inception, we’ve boosted much needed fund raisers for anarchist, antifascist, and political prisoners as well as dropped exclusive interviews with those on the front lines of rebellion in so-called North America. IGD was one of the first to develop a comprehensive analysis and critique of the Alt-Right as well as release vital information necessary for the subversion of fascist activity.

    We’ve nudged Bernie-bros into black clad anarchists and provided a megaphone for everyone from incarcerated rebels fighting prison slavery, fast food workers on strike, to water protectors blockading pipelines. Our podcasts have covered everything from anti-police riots to analysis on complex issues of global capitalism, white supremacy, and foreign policy.

    The growth of IGD presents a unique opportunity for writers, organizers, and rebels to present their ideas and analysis. Now, IGD is expanding to include original content from a range of diverse voices. With your help we will be providing compensation to develop the scope, depth, and detail of this anarchist project. This is why we are launching a Patreon, a platform that allows you the opportunity to donate and further strengthen the growing community of IGD. Patreon provides an easy and painless way to automate your recurring monthly donations while also getting sweet rewards and swag.

    With $3,000 a month IGD can compensate a range of diverse writers to articulate and develop the scope, depth, and detail of written rebellion. With $5,000 a month IGD can compensate rebel researchers, designers, developers, printers and editors to equitably distribute our resources and focus our attention on producing quality content. Help support revolutionary media and become a patron today! Share this call and your pledge with your friends. Check out our Patreon!


    Nonprofits & Activism

    Isn’t it interesting that YouTube lists them as Nonprofit? I wonder if they will be issuing statements so your donation can be tax deductible?

    Antifa appears to have one goal. Blow stuff up. Beyond that you are on your own. Wear masks, throw urine, hit cops, burn cars, destroy businesses, and in general annoy everyone…but if you get arrested, you’re on your own, oh and please send us money.

    S.C. Sherman

    Senior Editor

    Steve Sherman is an author, popular radio commentator, and former Iowa House candidate. His articles have appeared nationally in both print and online for Townhall, Human Events, Clash Daily, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics, Forbes, NRATV and others. All of his novels including his most recent tome, Lone Wolf Canyon, a modern day western that infuriates the left and all "Snowflakes," are available here.

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