• Conservative Writer Suffers Attacks – Liberal Media Could Care Less

    Being a conservative writer can be dangerous.

    Most get used to being labeled, “Right Wing” or “Nut Job” even “Alt Right”, but recently writer Warner Todd Huston was actually attacked.

    On several occasions his property has been targeted for vandalism.

    At first, he wrote it off as kids being dumb, but it has continued and escalated. Most recently his car was set on fire as it sat in his driveway.

    Police have been notified all along the way, but as of yet, no one has been caught.


    Who is Warner Todd Huston?

    Bio: Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing news, opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that wrote articles on U.S. history for several American history magazines. Huston is a featured writer for Andrew Breitbart’s Breitbart News, and he appears on such sites as RightWingNews.comCanadaFreePress.comYoungConservatives.com, and many, many others. Huston has also appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and many local TV shows as well as numerous talk radio shows throughout the country.

    Huston explains what has happened leading up to the car burning:

    Over the course of this year someone has targeted me. At first I thought it was just random vandals as the attacks were penny-ante nonsense, but now I am pretty sure it is being done by someone who knows I am a conservative writer who has a body of work stretching back to 2001 and they are trying to intimidate me.

    It started early this year when a flag was pulled off my flag staff and left ripped and in pieces on my lawn.

    I replaced the flag imagining it was just local punks acting tough. Weeks later that new flag disappeared.

    That’s twice. Then my garage door was egged. That is three times.

    Still, it was all small-ball stuff and I thought it could just be punks who don’t have any underlying reason to attack me on a personal level.

    The attacks continue:

    But then something more specific occurred. On the night of July 1, the U.S. Army flag that I fly in honor of my son who is in the service was scorched and on it was written in marker “die dogs.”

    This was a bit more threatening and more specific than just mindless destruction. It seemed directly aimed at the U.S. military and me personally.

    That incident added up to four times vandals struck my home. I made a police report after the flag burning just to be on the safe side.

    Next, on September 24 another incident was perpetrated against my property, and this one had a specific message, too. Over night someone egged my garage door again but this time they also wrote “racist” on one of the metal panels.

    The police have no suspects at this time. Still nothing of substance could be pinpointed directing it to one person or group. Huston has no direct conflicts with any neighbors…only the fact the Huston writes conservative articles for a living as a suspected motive for the violence. Then it recently escalated to the full on torching of a vehicle.

    At about 1 AM or so on Saturday morning, I was awakened by a noise outside my home. I can’t really say what the noise was as it woke me from a deep sleep. It was just a shout that awoke me. I looked at my window and saw what struck me as a strange light outside. So, I went to the front door…

    And saw my car interior on fire…

    The surface of my passenger seat was set aflame and the entire interior of the car destroyed.

    Naturally the police became involved, but they say they won’t classify it as arson because they don’t have any evidence to show for it. A plastic pop bottle and cap was left inside by who ever did this. It smelled of gas to me.

    Case closed. The car was older and did not have full coverage insurance, so one conservative writer is out of a car thanks to his views.

    What is the next level for the tolerant left? Burn down his house? Perhaps personally assault Mr. Huston?

    If this happened to liberal writer or a black writer and the “Die Dogs” graffiti was replaced with racial slurs, how much outrage would there be?

    It would be front page news and going viral. Politicians would be horrified demanding that something must be done.

    But since this is a conservative writer…not even a blip on the media radar.

    Stay vigilant, my friends, we must have each others backs.

    If you would like to chip in to help Mr. Huston replace his burned vehicle his son set up a GoFundMe for just that purpose.

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