• Progressive Feminism and the Destruction of Young Women

    The Progressive Left has warped the definition of “feminism” to the point that it’s based on a hollow, superficial, political ideology that doesn’t benefit women, but uses them to promote an agenda, leading to the mental and emotional destruction of at least two generations of females.

    Gone are the days of “equality for the genders”.  The original, noble cause including a woman’s right to vote, own property, and equality in education, has been replaced by a militant attack on men, society as a whole, and portraying women as victims.

    According to a study by UNC School of Medicine, 65% of women between the ages of 25 and 45, have reported disordered eating habits, and an additional 10% report symptoms consistent with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and binge eating disorders.  That’s a full, 75% of women who have some degree of unhealthy obsession with food and body image.

    Per the ADAA, women are twice as likely to have specific phobias, Major Depressive Disorder, generalized anxiety disorders, and most importantly, Social Anxiety Disorder.

    These statistics prove that the mixed messages sent to our young women by Progressive Feminists are not only mind boggling, they’re dangerous.

    In one breath, feminists tell our girls that they’re empowered, independent and can do anything men can do.  In the next breath, they tell them that they can’t be trusted to be their own, first line of self- defense and carry a firearm.  Rather, they should dial 911 and wait 15 minutes for a male with a firearm to arrive on the scene and “save” them.

    Our girls are being told one day, that it’s wrong if they’re objectified.  The next day, they’re being encouraged to dress like the local street walker when attending a funeral if it makes them “feel” good.

    Perhaps the most nefarious tool the modern-day feminists use to warp the self-esteem of our young women, is the “Equal Pay for Equal Work” myth.  Not a single study has been done comparing a specific, professional vertical, education level, and years of experience within that vertical against pay for the genders within that vertical.  The one study that has been done regarding equal pay for equal work, looked specifically at unmarried Millennials and showed that young women in their 20’s, out earn their male counterparts.

    The modern-day, progressive liberal feminist is the greatest threat to our young women.  Not men.  Not society.  Not an oppressive workplace.  If these women, these relics from the bra burning 70’s, would fade into the background and stop using an entire generation of women as their personal pawns for a political agenda, I have no doubt that we would see a drop in the emotional and mental afflictions burdening our girls, and see meteoric rises in their professional and personal successes.

    REAL feminism teaches girls that they aren’t victims.  That they are capable.  That nothing will be handed to them.  Let’s start teaching our girls that kind of feminism.

    Pat Nicklaus

    Pat Nicklaus has a long history in conservative, political activism, with the 2nd Amendment as her main wheelhouse. She is a former gun rights lobbyist, a former NRA EVC and sat on the Board of Directors for a well known gun rights group. Her political activism also extends to working the 2016 Cruz campaign in Iowa as a Precinct Captain, and as an Advisor for the Federalist Party. She is a native of Iowa, a current resident of Missouri and the proud mother of a US Army veteran.

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