• (VIDEO) Iowa Gun Girl – Pat Nicklaus Let’s It Rip on The Las Vegas Shooting

    Pat Nicklaus, aka, the Iowa Gun Girl, weighs in on the sickness that is the American left and the anti-gunners.

    She states,

    Anti-gun crowd has decided to stand on the backs of the dead, dig their heals into their still warm throats and use their bodies as their personal platform to promote their anti-gun agenda!

    Pat Nicklaus

    Pat Nicklaus has a long history in conservative, political activism, with the 2nd Amendment as her main wheelhouse. She is a former gun rights lobbyist, a former NRA EVC and sat on the Board of Directors for a well known gun rights group. Her political activism also extends to working the 2016 Cruz campaign in Iowa as a Precinct Captain, and as an Advisor for the Federalist Party. She is a native of Iowa, a current resident of Missouri and the proud mother of a US Army veteran.

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