• Bet You Didn’t See This Story Coming Out of Iran (Hint: It’s Good News)

    People are understandably worried about Iran these days. Lots of talk is that the U.S. and the Persian nation are on the verge of military conflict.

    Turns out, a big and unexpected piece of the solution to the “Iran Problem” comes from an unlikely source. An Iranian church worker speaking, for obvious reasons, on condition of anonymity offers this electrifying news …

    “I would say there’s a 10 percent Iran and a 90 percent Iran.  Ten percent control the country in a more oppressive manner, hardline, religious manner and then the majority of the people, 90 percent of the people love America.  They don’t hate Americans.  I think that’s the message that Americans need to hear.  They tell us all the time, we don’t hate Americans, we love America.

    Sure enough we’re accustomed to images of mobs of Iranians screaming “Death to America”, the mullahs glowering into the cameras, American flags afire on the streets of Tehran, but more is apparently happening in this Shiite nation.

    You can’t believe the images on TV.  Because for example, all the protests you see on the streets, those are mostly contrived.  They’re young people on the streets and they’ve told us if we don’t go to the streets, we won’t get our grades so we’re forced to go and protest.” 

    What? There’s “fake news” operating in Iran, too? Who’da thunk??

    But there’s more …

    This anonymous church worker tells CBN News:

    that forty years after Iran’s Islamic revolution, there’s another spiritual revolution underway. 

    “Awaken to the truth that we live in a time that’s very special.  More people have come to faith [in Jesus Christ] in Iran in the forty years than in the previous 1400 years.  So, there’s a once, not only in a lifetime, but in history where we have a moment where Iranians are coming to faith at such a rapid rate.”

    Dalton Thomas, founder and director of Frontiers Alliance International (FAI), is currently working on a documentary called Sheep Among Wolves to introduce the Iranian church to Christians worldwide.

    “What’s taking place in Iran right now is spectacular,” says Thomas,

    “It’s the fastest growing church in the world that owns no buildings, has no 501c3’s, that owns no property, that has no bank accounts; that has no centralized leadership; that has no denominational leaning and yet it’s multiplying like crazy … What the Lord is doing there is staggering.” 

    Predictably, this spiritual awakening in the majority Muslim Iran has sparked “intense persecution” against followers of Christ. They are responding, according to Thomas, in a jaw-dropping manner:

     “Typically, the way we pray is we expect that they want us to pray for the persecution to end and they say, no, no, don’t do that.  Persecution is growing the church.  When the persecution stops, the growth stops.  What we want is the Gospel to spread far and wide and deep in Iran.”

    With global observers wondering what’s ultimately going to happen in Iran, here’s another stunner …

    With Iran and the US on the brink of war, Thomas says it’s important to see what’s happening behind the Iranian veil. 

    “When Muslims from Iran come in contact with the Man from Nazareth, something beautiful happens.  And when they realize that they have been bought and saved and purchased with Jewish blood; prophesized by Jewish prophets in a Jewish Bible something crazy happens; something beautiful happens and that’s what we’re seeing take place in Iran.” 

    It’s a refreshing bit of insider information that ought to stoke hope amidst lots of otherwise gloomy tidings; and a phenomenon hearkening back to a principle as old as the Jewish/Christian Scriptures: change the people, change the nation. In this specific case, if enough of the Iranian population is transformed into individuals who value peace and detest the saber-rattling – in this case, the nuke-rattling – of the mullahs, everything in their land could turn out differently than it looks right now.

    Thomas believes one day the world may wake up to find Iran’s church growth in the 21st century rivaling that in China and Korea in the last century.

    That would certainly be a turn of events quite a few didn’t see coming.

    photo credit: Ted’s photos – For Me & You <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/90955804@N04/18844914085″>2015 – Budapest – People – 8 of 16</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a>

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