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  • Courts Hand President Another Favorable Decision in Controversial Sanctuary Cities Debate

    Daily Surge Summary: A federal appeals court has determined the Department of Justice is constitutionally permitted to withhold federal funds from those cities which defy Administration policy regarding immigration enforcement. 

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled for the Trump administration Friday in a case concerning the withholding of federal funds for local policing from so-called sanctuary cities.

    National Review’s MAIREAD MCARDLE relays the details: For a second time in the last few days, the Ninth Circuit Court of Loud Squeals – err, Appeals – has

    ruled for the Trump administration Friday in a case concerning the withholding of federal funds for local policing from so-called sanctuary cities.

    Back in 2017, President Trump issued an executive order limiting the provision of federal monies to sanctuary cities. As has become a pattern since the Manhattan billionaire entered the White House, his measure’s implementation has been tied up in courts ever since.

    A three-judge panel of the court found 2–1 that the Justice Department could deny funds (Community Oriented Policing Services grants)

    to cities and states that have “sanctuary” policies prohibiting law-enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

    Los Angeles, a sanctuary city, sued the Department for denying it $3 million in accord with the administration’s policy. The Circuit Court’s ruling reversed the decision of a California lower court in the matter.

    “The panel rejected Los Angeles’ argument that DOJ’s practice of giving additional consideration to applicants that choose to further the two specified federal goals violated the Constitution’s Spending Clause.”

    Writing for the majority, Judge Sandra Ikuta stated the DOJ could give “additional consideration to applicants” for Federal cash that actually operated in agreement with department’s goals.

    In other words: yes, the Federal government is allowed to favor cities that actually enforce its policies vis-à-vis illegal immigration – versus those municipalities which hold out their palms and bark “Give us taxpayer boodle and we’ll do with it what we please.”

    Dissenting, Judge Kim Wardlaw, called the Justice Department’s objective of leaning on local authorities to cooperate on illegal immigration “Orwellian”.

    The prevailing ruling could be summarized by borrowing the English proverb: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” In this case, the President is the piper. The tune is “Enforce federal immigration policy if you want federal dollars.”

    Image:  7beachbum from Tsuruoka, Japan – 0204171559, CC BY 2.0,

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