• De Blasio: Uncle Sam Will Pay for Your Gender-Reassignment Surgery

    I guess it’s official: NYC Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill De Blasio is aiming for the “Kookiest Commie-Running-for-the-Presidency” title …

    New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that, under his presidential administration, the cost of gender-reassignment surgeries would be covered by a publicly funded Medicare for All system.

    “Absolutely. We have to respect everyone’s medical needs,” de Blasio said at the New York City Pride parade. (Jack Crowe/National Review)

    And this government service would be provided courtesy of? His Medicare for All plan, which, it seems, would cover the elective procedure.

    “If someone needs a surgery to be full and to live their life fully — the idea is a health-care system that actually serves everyone to the fullest,” he said.

    So … needing to live one’s life “fully” is the line of demarcation at which Uncle Sam — that is, the American taxpayer – is on the hook? What if I need a new speedboat to “live my life fully”? Or an annual February trip to the Bahama’s? Or a monthly paycheck, even though I’m not working? (Oh, wait – for lots of our fellow citizens that’s already happening.) Anyway … Is John Q. Public supposed to pony up for whatever it is I and my neighbor feel like we each need to be fully alive?

    On the heels of chastising any other candidate in the first presidential debate who’d allow people to keep their private plans under a universal health care regime, De Blasio is now boasting that a “he” who aches to be a “she” (or vice versa) ought to have a claim on public funds to make the switch happen.

    De Blasio is the first 2020 candidate to explicitly endorse classifying gender-reassignment surgeries as a medical necessity that would be covered under a Medicare for All system, rather than an elective surgery that would require a supplemental private insurance plan. Senator Bernie Sanders (I., VT.), who introduced a Medicare for All bill in 2017, has not said whether gender-reassignment surgeries would be covered under his proposal.

    Uh-oh! Looks like self-avowed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is close to being out-Socialisted by his Big Apple rival for the White House! But stay tuned, that could change. Truth be told, from what we are seeing and hearing from most of the Donkey Party’s aspirants, we could be in for even zanier stuff in the months ahead.

    Image: Screen Shot from Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbszak/status/1145382610102824962

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