• Dem Congresswoman Gets the ‘Declaration’ Pretty Wrong — and Misleads Others In the Process

    Independence Day 2019 has come and gone, along with festivities that cheered many a heart and stirred multitudes to renew their appreciation for America and her legacy.

    Then, CNS News’ Mark Jennings reports, there’s Rep. Ayanna Pressley, (D-Mass) who

    marked Independence Day by tweeting an article from the progressive news outlet Salon, condemning the Declaration of Independence because the document “did not condemn slavery, protect the rights of women or include Native Americans.”

    Rep. Pressley, a member of what you could call fellow New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Gang of Four” who’ve lately been giving fits to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted an article entitled “Fourth of July’s Ugly Truth: The Declaration of Independence is Sexist, Racist and Prejudiced.”  From it, she quoted this criticism of this nation’s Founding Fathers:

    “Our Founding Fathers were not the living gods that many believe them to be. They were fallible human beings, and some of their flaws had terrible consequences for people who were not fortunate enough to be born into privileged groups.”

    H/T to Congresswoman Pressley for enunciating the obvious: there really is only one God, and He wasn’t one of the individuals physically present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence or Siege of Yorktown or Constitutional Convention of 1787 or … well, you get the point; and our Founders were, to be sure, imperfect men, some of whom genuinely committed reprehensible acts over the course of their lives.

    I suspect most folks already had a grasp of those two assertions but thanks for the refresher anyway.

    Radical Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), another of AOC’s posse, “liked” Pressley’s post so much she also shared it on her Twitter page.

    Ms. Pressley wasn’t finished, arguing

    that the “prejudices, biases & contradictions codified by our founding fathers is still felt today.”

    She implicitly – sigh – compared the country’s current detention of illegal immigrants to slavery,

    writing that “We continue to struggle as a nation to embrace our full history, one that includes family separation of black families at the auction block & today of migrants at camps.”

    The Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer stepped in claiming Rep. Pressley

    was “profoundly ungrateful” and “affirmatively wrong to muddle and belittle the genius that was Thomas Jefferson’s drafted Declaration of Independence.”

    He went on to remind Pressley and her audience that the nation’s birthing document laid the ground-work for the eventual elimination of the befouling trade from the land:

    “Slavery was not in any way a tenet of the American Founding; it was an institution manifestly athwart the Founding. The sagacity of the Declaration, in fact, was that it actually laid the seeds — the very codified foundation — for the eventual eradication of that most horrific of compromises of principle.”

    I’m going to assume the Lady from Massachusetts is sincere in her Declaration-denouncing zeal, but I’ll mention to her that zeal alone is rarely all that’s needed to improve any situation. The writer of the Old Testament Book of Proverbs and the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter ten appreciated that understanding. Both bluntly cautioned against “zeal without knowledge”.

    It’s a warning that would be helpful to Rep. Pressley: lack of knowledge – of fact, history, philosophy – can get a person in trouble, even an elected one. If that person gains a platform of some influence, he/she can then go on to lead – or tweet – many others astray; the consequences of which can go far beyond merely ruining a worthwhile and honorable holiday.

    Image: Adapted from: Kevin Rutherford, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26927152

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