• Democrats’ Very Bad Week Is No Reason for GOP to Get Smug or Careless

    Daily Surge Summary: A really bad week for the Democratic Party and a caution for the Republicans.

    I don’t like gloating over my adversaries.  It’s unchristian and bad form, to boot. Not a few modern figures – including some of our politicians – would benefit from that lesson.

    But pointing out what’s happening among those who oppose us – including their setbacks — is sometimes necessary.

    For instance, as mentioned a day ago by Erick Erickson (The Resurgent): it looks like there’s more bad news for the Democrats:

    Polling continues to confirm that Donald Trump won the Democrats’ presidential debate. His job approval number has gone up since then and now including in an ABC News poll which indicates he’d beat a leftwing Democrat by six points – a decided change from earlier numbers.

    Then, Wednesday, behind closed doors, Nancy Pelosi urged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to stop chastising her moderate Democratic colleagues publicly because it isn’t helping the party’s prospects. AOC’s response? Publicly accusing Pelosi of racism saying she was “outright disrespectful” and “singling out … newly elected women of color.”

    If that wasn’t enough, Ilhan Omar got a profile in the Washington Post where she revealed her outright contempt for the country that took her in as a refugee. The Washington Post all but called her a liar for her fabrication of details in a story she told to high school students.

    And we mustn’t forget Beto O’Rourke: He proclaimed to immigrants that the United States was not only founded on white supremacy but that it’s still woven into the fabric of the country.

    Yikes. Shades of Barack Obama’s 2015 trashing of the nation for its racism which is “still part of our DNA that’s passed on”.

    Erickson wonders: “Just how many people do these clowns intend to drive to Trump?”

    Had enough? One more:

    To much fanfare, Democrats rolled out Amy McGrath in Kentucky as their challenger to Mitch McConnell. She got fawning coverage from NBC. She raised over $2 million in 24 hours. Then she said she would have voted for Brett Kavanaugh.

    Hoo-boy. That one had to sting.

    McGrath, just last year while running for Congress, made her opposition to Kavanaugh a big piece of her closing pitch. Then, yesterday, she flipped on that causing lots of screaming. Then she reversed herself again by sun down.

    Erickson extends this well placed caution and semi-prediction, however:

    The GOP is going to have bad weeks too, undoubtedly. But this was a particularly bad one for Democrats. Making it worse, their feedback loop is becoming decidedly anti-America, which is not a winning message for 2020.

    If the Democrats blow 2020, watching them turn on AOC quickly and viciously will be a spectacle not seen since Robespierre was dragged out to the scaffolding.

    The GOP and conservative movement will, assuredly, run into its patches of white water. Key, as in all tough times, will be how they respond.

    Meantime, no telling exactly how the Democrats will respond to their very bad week — but I’m guessing they’re not planning on giving up.

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