• Did You Know about This Awfulness — Happening to Children — Worldwide Today?

    Surge Summary: Literal child slavery is taking place today, around the world; and not many know about it.

    Have you heard about the contemporary, worldwide slave trade?

    No, it hasn’t been much on the news or condemned by high-profile, Leftist pols lately.

    And no, I’m not referring to America’s border crisis.

    There can be no doubt America ought to treat anyone on our shores with basic dignity and respect as fellow human beings. Every person is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), thus every person deserves to be treated humanely.

    That aside, while conditions in the detention centers on the nation’s southern border can, indeed, be “tough stuff” — as Vice President Mike Pence recently acknowledged in a recent visit to the facilities there —  that’s the result of a “system that [is] overwhelmed” (something the VP also acknowledged). That overwhelming element comes from lawbreakers flooding illicitly into the nation and Democratic lawmakers who are refusing to authorize funds and policy changes that would ameliorate the situation. They’d rather keep the controversy alive as a political cudgel   with which to bash Republicans.

    Meanwhile, around the world … literal child slavery is alive and sickeningly well.

    From Charlie Butts (OneNewsNow.com):

    A leading organization that spreads the gospel throughout Asia doesn’t have to look far to rescue children from a dismal life.

    Slavery did not end when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, says Daniel Yohannan of Gospel for Asia. It is happening all over the world, he says, even to children.

    “Especially in places like Asia and Africa it’s more prevalent,” he advises, “and it’s almost kind of a normal thing to have especially children who are working in factories and who basically are slaves.”

    There are an estimated 218 million slaves worldwide, many of them children, that would represent the population of a large country.

    Youhannan grievously relates the young people are “beaten … verbally abused”  and malnourished.

    “Many times the family is deceived in promising a job. Instead the kids are taken away and misused and abused.”

    Millions perish annually because of this unconscionable – yet largely ignored — mistreatment.

    One aspect of this global child-abuse has gotten some ink — and thank God for that – still, it’s ongoing and an international outrage:

    The young people are also forced into the sex trade and bonded labor, and Yhannan says most are not even teens. Most are under the age of 11.

    Gospel for Asia says Bangladesh is the world’s worst abuser of child labor followed by Chad, the Congo, Ethiopia, and India.

    So, what pressure are the civilized nations of the world putting on these villains?

    Yohannan brings some good news, however:  Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope is doing something about this atrocity, helping children return to their families. They’re fed, clothed, and educated which, prayerfully, will provide means for them to stay out of child labor enslavement.

    Image: adapted from:  Pexels from Pixabay 

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