• Escaped Chinese Christians Bear Witness to China’s Brutal Communist Crackdown

    Daily Surge Summary: Chinese Christians confirm the horrendous nature of the China’s Communist regime.

    Not a few opinionators on the Left – and even a befuddling smattering on the conservative side – seem intent on persuading the American public to give China a break; that its government is copacetic and we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the regime of Xi Jinping and company.

    Nah. They’re definitely bad guys.

    Faithwire’s Dan Andros writes:

    A Christian family from Early Rain Church in China that fled to safety in Taiwan is speaking out for the first time about the terrifying crackdown against Christians in the communist nation.

    The Associated Press, reports

    49-year-old Liao Qiang and his 23-year-old daughter [Ren] said they were living under 24/7 surveillance after their church was deemed not to be sanctioned by the government.:

    The duo’s account

    is the first detailing what has happened since the detentions began at the Early Rain Covenant Church. It shows the determination of the Chinese government — and the lengths it has gone — to eradicate a congregation that has long been a thorn in its side.”

    The congregation’s pastor Wang Yi, who defiantly remained steadfast in his faith despite being detained last year has annoyed the communist brutes

    by doing things such as holding annual prayer services to remind people about Tiennamen Square, despite the governments best efforts to effectively remove that event from existence.

    Ren explained that Early Rain members had to keep authorities apprised of their location while enduring thinly veiled threats.

    Hundreds of Early Rain members were taken into custody in one of the higher profile crackdowns on Christianity, a religion growing exponentially in China despite efforts to stomp it out. The Chinese government feels Christians are “standing in the way” of their efforts to enact totalitarian rule.

    “Liao said the police tried to force him to sign a statement renouncing his church, but he refused,” the Associated Press reported.

    Like many despotic regimes past and present

    the Chinese government … believes they are the ultimate authority so, naturally, anyone and any movement that teaches there is something greater than government is a threat to the status quo and to the power gov wields over the people.

    This is presumably why there are innumerable “re-education camps” positioned across the “People’s Republic”, imprisoning and brainwashing religious minorities.

    The Christian family that fled this hideousness is setting sights on America, but their tourist visa is only temporary and, believe it or not, they could eventually find themselves smack-dab back in China. If they’re to avoid that fate? They’ll need to convince the government of Taiwan (or America) to grant them asylum from religious persecution.

    Startlingly, though, Liao’s daughter allowed to AP her ultimate desire is to return to her homeland – when it’s free.

    “One day when China opens up, we’ll go back,” she said. “Whether it’s five years, or even 10 years, we’ll eventually make our way back to where God wants us to serve.”

    The American people and her leaders must make no mistake: the Chinese government — Xi Jinping’s tyranny – is a nasty, international menace, driven by unscrupulously expansionist ends. The United States must continue to denounce its inhumanities – or, at the very least, stop making mollifying noises for them – and stay vigilant against any designs they may evince on our security and way of life.

    Doubtful about that? Talk to Liao and Ren Qiang, who travelled halfway across the planet to tell us as much.

    Image: Adapted from: Caseman – own work, Pentax *ist D, reduced, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1658439

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