• Guest Tells Mark Levin: Iran Deal Made War More — Not Less — Likely

    Guesting the nationally syndicated Mark Levin Show last Thursday, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer counterintuitively opined Barak Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran made the likelihood of war much more likely – not less.

    “Now, there were a lot of people that had a lot of hopes about what Iran would do, and it turns out that a lot of those people that thought this deal would make Iran more moderate, that thought this deal would make the prospects of war less likely, were completely wrong,” [insisted Dermer, not mincing words. (Michael Morris/CNS News)]

    Dermer’s remarks were prompted by many Democratic presidential primary candidates’ reportedly declaring they would resuscitate Obama’s now defunct agreement with Iran.

    To author and popular radio host Levin, Dermer wondered aloud, “[W]hy would you put that deal back in place?”

    “I don’t think a lot of people are actually following what’s happening. …  since the deal was signed. …

    “[W]e’ve had a situation in Israel where we’ve had to strike Iranian targets in Syria, which is on [Israel’s] northern border, over 200 times. And the problems we face from Iran were accelerated and increased because of this deal because now we had a much richer enemy, where billions and billions, 10s of billions of dollars were pouring into Iran’s coffers.

    … The big money in this deal was the ability that Iran has under the deal to sell and export oil. And Iran, a year ago, was exporting nearly 3 million barrels a day of oil. Last month, Iran was roughly about half a million barrels a day, in a month. Now that’s an over two million barrel a day difference. … [T]hey use those billions of dollars pouring into Iran … to fuel this war machine in the Middle East, not just against Israel, in Syria and in Lebanon, but also against the Saudis in Yemen, in Iraq. They didn’t join the community of nations. They were gobbling up the nations.

    “And because of President Trump’s decision, Iran went from having a tailwind at its back to now facing a huge headwind. And that has made Israel much safer. It has made our Arab neighbors much safer. Right now, Iran, over the last few weeks, has tried to lash out because they’re worried about all this pressure that is being placed on them. And the right response to Iran’s lashing out is to actually increase the pressure. And that will actually make the Middle East a much safer place.”

    The unalloyed truth is this fracas is forcing liberal media and pols to confront uncomfortable questions about their entire approach to things: geo-politics, national security, even anthropology (view of mankind). Who enjoys that?

    Apparently, therefore, they’d rather pretend Iran, one of the chief exporters and supporters of terrorism on the globe, really isn’t an existential problem, nothing over which the community of civilized nations should get itself into a lather. Just sign a piece of paper with them – any deal, what a deal! – and then they can get on with refocusing on whatever is their next utopian, short-sighted Leftist project.

    And we all live happily ever after.

    Except, probably we don’t.

    Image: Adapted from: Mohammad Sadegh Heydari – http://www.ypa.ir/media/k2/galleries/517/02.jpg, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45263140

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