• How’d That Happen? This “Hater” Just Won a Big Honor from Her Customers

    Life periodically serves up attention-catching twists that delight us – and enlighten us, as well, if we’ll let them.

    For instance …

    Emily Jones over at CBN News reports:

    Block In an ironic twist of events, the Washington State florist who is being punished for refusing to make a floral arrangement for a gay wedding was just named the best florist of 2019 by her local community. Block

    Barronelle Stutzman is the owner of Arlene’s Flowers, a floral shop in Richland, Washington that has been in business for 42 years. <block

    Despite controversy surrounding Stutzman and her business, according to the Tri-City Herald, the flower shop is a community favorite. Of the past seven years the newspaper’s been publishing its People’s Choice Awards, Arlene’s Flowers has taken the “Best Florist” honor four times.

    Blcok “I’d like to think our customer service is a big key,” Stutzman told the newspaper. Block

    Indeed, she’s outspoken that she tries to be kind to every person who comes through her doors and to cultivate a positive relationship with all her customers.

    Block However, Stutzman was fined for refusing to make a floral arrangement for a gay wedding in 2013. Earlier this month, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld its earlier ruling against her.

    The case could wind up back in front of the US Supreme Court. … [T]he US Supreme Court had rejected Washington state’s previous ruling, ordering the state justices to review their decision against Stutzman and consider whether they violated her religious rights …

    Stutzman’s case is similar to that of the 2018 Masterpiece Cakeshop case, in which Colorado baker Jack Phillips was accused of discrimination for refusing to bake a customized wedding cake for a gay wedding.

    Like Stutzman, Phillips offered to sell the couple his pre-made products. Like Stutzman, he had also provided previous service to LGBT individuals. But they both say their faith prevents them from creating art that specifically endorses same-sex weddings. Block

    Contrary to the noxious cliché maliciously peddled by the Left, most Bible-believing Christians do NOT “hate” homosexuals or transgenders. They may not approve of their lifestyle choices but they bear no personal animus against them as people. Obedient followers of Jesus embrace the Scriptural exhortation to love everyone – and also affirm what the Bible teaches about sex, marriage and gender.

    You know, love the sinner, object to the sin? That’s a big distinction and it’s possible to do both at the same time – Barronelle Stutzman reminds us as much.

    The accolades she has received from her neighbors plainly clash contradict the image of this woman as some kind of nasty “hater”. It would be nice if she’d receive as much media attention for this latest honor as for the lies leveled against her.

    Image: Screen Shot: Alliance Defending Freedom; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDETkcCw63c


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