• Kamala Harris Finally Reveals Her Health Care Plan — Maybe — and It Still Stinks

    Surge Summary: Democratic presidential aspirant Senator Kamala Harris has ostensibly revealed her actual health care plan, confirming: it’s a terrible solution to American’s health care shortcomings.

    We should all breathe a sigh of grateful relief and shout out thanks to the skies – or maybe toward the nation’s capital. If Senator Kamala Harris (D., Calif.)  becomes president in 2021, she will allow us to keep our health care, sort of, at least a little, in special cases, maybe.

    The Democratic presidential candidate released a health-care proposal Monday that preserves a limited, tightly regulated, private-insurance market, finally articulating her position on the role of the private market after struggling to do so throughout her early primary campaign. [National Review/Jack Crowe]

    “Struggling” to articulate her position? Can you say “understatement”?

    Harris’s plan arrives on the cusp of the second round of Democratic primary debates. It allegedly represents a more moderate approach than that championed by her socialistic White House rival Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), The man from Vermont has called for the total elimination of the private health-insurance market.

    Harris would allow every American access to an expanded Medicare program, but she would also seek to preserve a supplementary private-insurance option called Medicare Advantage.

    “We will allow private insurers to offer Medicare plans as part of this system that adhere to strict Medicare requirements on costs and benefits,” Harris wrote in a Medium post laying out the plan. “Medicare will set the rules of the road for these plans, including price and quality, and private insurance companies will play by those rules, not the other way around.”

    Whoa. Those are a whole lot of qualifiers.

    Still, that concession is so very gracious of her! So, the peons will be allowed to keep something approximating a private insurance plan, at least along the margins. Is it expected we’ll collapse to our knees, grab Senator H. around the legs and cover her feet with thankful tears for her magnanimously allowing us to keep a tiny scrap of private insurance providing we all meet her requirements? Thank you, Madame President for that crumb of liberty.

    While Sanders’s plan audaciously – and preposterously — envisions reaching universal Medicare coverage in four years, Harris ratchets down the preposterosity just a tad, allowing for a ten-year timeline. Another distinction between her and Sanders’ health care “solution”?  No middle class tax hike in Harris’ initiative.

    Harris’s plan, though, does position her to the left of the

    relatively moderate frontrunner Joe Biden by entirely eliminating the employer-based system that more than 150 million Americans currently rely on for coverage.

    “Relatively” is the pivotal word there – particularly as the former VP/now Democratic presidential candidate is incrementally but steadily careening leftward toward standard-issue progressivism.

    Once more, over these early months of the primary season, erstwhile California attorney general Harris has struggled to clearly communicate her policy recommendations regarding health-care-for-all and whatever future private insurance market she might allow.

    After initially telling CNN’s Jake Tapper that she would eliminate the private market during a January town hall, Harris backtracked during a subsequent interview, insisting that there would still be a role for “supplemental” private insurance under her plan. She then confused voters further during the first Democratic primary debate, raising her hand when asked if she would eliminate private insurance, only to later say that she misheard the question and would not, in fact, eliminate it entirely.

    Has Harris finally put any confusion to rest? Has this most freshly minted statement on the issue locked her position into stone?

    If so, that helps settle things: her plan remains a terrible one. An arrogant, D.C.-dominated health care contraption sure to end up the way these statist experiments always do. Badly.

    Unless she changes her line – again – voters can finally understand what the Senator from California is offering us and not vote for her accordingly.


    Image: By LAbaseballFan – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., FAL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12079079

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