• Laws of Economics, Meet Bernie Sanders – Collision to Follow

    Surge Summary: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is cutting staff hours so that he can technically claim they are each making $15/hour.

    Accused of paying employees of his 2020 presidential campaign less than the much heralded $15/hour minimum wage, Bernie Sanders will limit his staff’s work hours in an attempt to assure no one is making less than that amount — a wage for which the senator has vocally stumped for quite some time.

    On Thursday evening, The Washington Post reported that some members of Sanders’ campaign have been lobbying to raise their wages. Field organizers say they make a salary of $36,000 annually but work 60 hours per week, which is an average of $13 per hour. [Alexandria Hutzler/Newsweek]

    Unionized workers planned to make a stink to campaign manager Faiz Shakir, charging that

    “many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially, which is severely impacting our team’s productivity and morale.” Some employees, they said, had even left the campaign as a result of the low pay.

    In a statement provided to Newsweek, Shakir said that the campaign has been discussing possible changes with the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400, which represents the organizers.


    Bernie Sanders, the target of union-organized gripes? How many ways can you spell irony?

    “We look forward to continuing those discussions and obviously are disappointed that some individuals decided to damage the integrity of these efforts before they were concluded,” Shakir said. “As these discussions continue, we are limiting hours so no employee is receiving less than $15 for any hours worked.”

    Sanders’ 2020 campaign was the first to unionize in March 2019. The union then made an agreement with the campaign that field workers were to be paid $36,000 annually … also provid[ing] platinum level health care, paid vacation, sick leave and other benefits.

    Shakir claims to Newsweek that the campaign previously offered a pay increase for field organizers – an offer that was turned down in a formal vote because, according to the Post, the agreement would have required staff to pay more of their own health care costs.

    In a move that had to especially sting the Vermont Senator, following the failed renegotiation, disgruntled campaign organizers began messaging Shakir employing Sanders’ own views on minimum wage to boost their case.

    “I am struggling financially to do my job, and in my state, we’ve already had 4 people quit in the past 4 weeks because of financial struggles,” one worker wrote. Another said they needed more pay “because I need to be able to feed myself.”

    Meanwhile, Sanders has been pushing for a national $15 minimum wage on the campaign trail. Recently, the House of Representatives passed a bill to make it the new federal minimum. In a video posted to his Twitter account, Sanders applauded the vote and called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not to block the legislation.

    Bernie Sanders


    There’s nothing “extreme” about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

    What’s extreme is paying workers starvation wages while CEO pay and corporate profits skyrocket.@senatemajldr stop blocking a raise for millions of Americans!

    Fox News reports that critics were caustic and mocking,


    “For the first time in his life, socialist Bernie Sanders practices economics and, buddy, the results are hilarious,” wrote columnist and humorist Stephen Miller. He added: “Why won’t millionaire Bernie Sanders, who owns 3 homes, instead of cutting hours, pay his staff a living wage? People are starving.”

    Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw lambasted the discord in the Sanders’ campaign — which has been struggling in post-debate polls — as beyond parody.

    “So does this fall under the category of hypocrisy, irony, or poetic justice?” Crenshaw asked. “All three? Can’t make this stuff up.”

    The Blaze’s Aaron Colen was slightly more professorial:

    “This situation is an instructive example of the downside of more than doubling the minimum wage. Companies don’t just suddenly get more money to pay employees. They have to make tough decisions; usually either cutting hours, or worse, cutting staff.”

    In a nutshell, we are rediscovering that being a strident Democratic Socialist candidate who has spouted Leftist boilerplate his entire political career doesn’t exempt one from the brute facts of Economics 101.

    Anyone out there holding their breath the Senator will embrace the lesson?


    Image: Screen Shot: https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1151955315463741449

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