• Leftist Craziness Revisits 1960’s Turbulence on 2019 America

    Surge Summary: The divisive ideas of the Left and the antics of “The Squad” are stirring up chaos in the U.S.; just like in the 1960s. 

    Am I crazy or is our nation revisiting the turbulent 1960’s?

    Instead of Vietnam being the catalyst, this time around we are even more divided by the 21st century issues, whether or not to secure our border, Green Deal pie-in-the-sky, the right or not to murder full term babies, slave reparations for no living slaves, free healthcare for every illegal invader, so come one, come all.  The list of democratic pipe dream ideas continue, new ones are continually popping up and entering the conversation, enough so to make my head spin and ask: did I really hear that correctly?

    AND I agree with our President’s statement to “The Squad” of female, American-hating leftists occupying our Congress.  Some of the Democrat presidential candidates are haters of America, too, yet let’s stick with “The Squad.”

    Pressley (never heard of her), Anti-Semitic Omar, bartender AOC (no offense to bartenders) and Talib, the “pro-Palestinian” with glasses who on mic called President Trump a “Mother F—er.”  I am shocked that these rabid females were given a news conference just for them to express their outrage over Trump’s spot-on remarks.  Apparently The Squad was offended that Trump simply said, paraphrasing: Hey it’s obvious by their remarks that “they” hate America, so leave.  I could not agree more.

    Squad Girls, sit down and shut up or don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out of America.  And by the way, unlike our president who welcomes you back… well, I don’t.


    Image: Screen shot: https://www.democracynow.org/2019/7/16/trump_racist_attacks_congresswomen_of_color


    Burbsmom is a housewife and mother, a proud "deplorable" and Zionist. After living in two blue states, she and her family are living the dream in a fly-over red-state. She has three grown children who know God, love America and love her great state. She has written for clashdaily.com and dailysurge.com. Life is good. 

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