• Megan Rapinoe Unintentionally Provides Econ Lesson — that Happens to Be True!

    Daily Surge Summary: World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe unintentionally promoted a free market economics solution to her equal pay for women concern. 

    I’ll take the pronouncement of truth any way I can get it – even when it’s accidentally coming from the mouth of someone with whom I otherwise, aggressively disagree and might not even mean to be saying what they’re saying…

    The website The Resurgent noticed,

    After the US Women’s team won the World Cup on Sunday morning, “equal pay” chants broke out from the crowd. When asked by Rachel Maddow how fans can support the fight for equal pay, USA soccer star and avid Trump hater, Megan Rapinoe made an interesting comment.

    Her answer, paraphrased: Come to games, buy jerseys, become season ticket holders, tell your friends about it.

    As Sean The Producer notes, her request to fans speaks volumes. The team’s salary derives from revenue produced by the team and the entire league. The more tickets and sporting paraphernalia and accoutrements sold, the more swag is available to be used for salaries.

    It’s application of Basic Economics; Econ 101

    Mike Ozanian points ( Forbes):

    As Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the U.S. women beat Japan to capture the World Cup in Vancouver, there is a big difference in the revenue available to pay the teams. The Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players.

    The men still pull the World Cup money wagon. The men’s World Cup in Russia generated over $6 billion in revenue, with the participating teams sharing $400 million, less than 7% of revenue. Meanwhile, the Women’s World Cup is expected to earn $131 million for the full four-year cycle 2019-22 and dole out $30 million to the participating teams.

    Ozanian’s analysis, by the way, contradicts a flippant reference I had heard or read somewhere over the past few days that stated the women’s franchise was bringing in more revenues than their male counterparts. Plainly, not only inaccurate but roaringly so.

    For those still dodging the lesson, there’s this from Matt Walsh:

    The Resurgent summarizes:

    So if her paycheck should be determined by the revenue generated, why is she complaining? If anything the stats are clear that women’s soccer is OVER paid when compared to the men’s team. All of this is genuinely not difficult to understand.

    Unless, that is, one is an angry feminist, grasping socialist, or generic Leftist unfazed by facts – in which case, fundamental truths can pose a difficulty of Mt. Everastian proportions.

    Rapinoe’s quip, as I said, is rooted in Economics 101 – which, for the record, doesn’t stop applying to reality just because someone has an impudent attitude, purple hair and can kick a ball around a field.

    Image: Screen Shot: MSNBC/ Rachel Maddow Show; https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status/1148778086164566017

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