• Millennials More Traditional Than Adults on LGBTQ Issues … Wait! What??

    It’s always nice when something unexpected comes along bringing good news. We’ve grown accustomed to hearing so much disheartening information about “this generation” — this finding from Michael Foust at ChristianHeadlines.com certainly diverges from that pattern:

    Millennials often are considered the forerunner on changing attitudes about LGBT issues, but a new poll … conducted by the Harris Poll for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) among 1,754 non-LGBTQ American adults … reveals they may be growing more traditional and conservative.

    Exactly one-third (33 percent) of Americans ages 18-34 say they would be uncomfortable having their child placed in a class with an LGBTQ teacher …

    Additionally, 39 percent of 18-34-year-old adults say they’d be uncomfortable learning their child had a lesson on LGBTQ history in school.  …

    Both results represent a serious uptick from those taken in 2016 and 2017 among the same cohorts and demonstrate – buckle your seat belts — millennials are equal to or more traditional than the general population.

    This clearly cuts across the popular narrative that today’s young people are foursquare on the Liberal side of all the social issues.

    Among all adults, 32 percent say they would be uncomfortable having their child in a class with an LGBTQ teacher …

    And 39 percent of all adults say they would be uncomfortable with their child having LGBTQ history lessons … .

    GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis responded as you’d expect,

    “This year’s results demonstrate an urgent need for GLAAD to reach younger Americans with stories and campaigns that build acceptance.”

    They also demonstrate something else: the increasingly obnoxious public component of “gay” activism – the movement’s face presented to the rest of society – could be backfiring on their cause. The bullying of anyone who doesn’t agree that homosexuality is fabulous, the gross sexual displays common in parades and demonstrations, the cursing of those who, owing to their religious values, object to same-sex shenanigans? These approaches from many an LGBTQ activist are likely not playing well with everyday Americans.

    Glenn T. Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family and author of the new book, The Myth of the Dying Church agrees:

    [He] said the data might be the result of a backlash.  “This year’s numbers actually show a continuation of what could be a trend. I think it has to do with the fact that the gay movement continues to over-play its hand and that will certainly continue. Rather than simply being ‘live and let live,’ they are forcing Americans to embrace their politics, and often with overwhelming muscle and the life-crushing public accusations of a person’s so-called ‘bigotry’ and ‘hatefulness’ if they dare disagree.”

    The shabby behavior on the pro-“gay” side of the debate, coupled with the persistent expression of truth from those who believe sex is a creation from God to be enjoyed by men and women in the context of marriage, seem to be opening eyes and hearts.

    Hey, conservatives, Christians, traditionalists: Contrary to the indoctrination spouted by the anarcho-sexual Left, your patiently and lovingly speaking out appears to be working! Keep it up!

    Image: by max leroy from Pixabay

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