• No, These Cops Certainly Weren’t Burying a ‘Blob of Medical Waste’

    A recent eye-catching Washington Times headline announced: “NYPD officers serve as pallbearers for funeral of discarded fetus”.

    Here are the details from the Associated Press, June 30, 2019:

    A group of New York Police Department officers made sure a fetus discarded on a Brooklyn street months ago got a proper funeral — to the mournful sound of an NYPD bagpipe.

    Six officers carried a tiny casket into Brooklyn’s Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help where a ceremony organized by the Life Center of New York was held.

    Life Center members named the fetus Monica. She had been found last February in Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood surrounded by bloodied clothing.

    The medical examiner said the fetus was about 20 weeks old. Burial was at Resurrection Cemetery on Staten Island, in a section for abandoned remains.

    That final detail doubly underscores the heart-rending tragedy of this incident: presumably abandoned by her mother in a late-winter park, she’s then consigned to a graveyard for the abandoned dead.

    We can be doubly thankful then that, owing to this fine pro-life organization and the men-in-blue who joined with them, “Monica” was granted a modicum of respect and value when her little body was eventually interred.

    Now, imagine if the Times’ headline had presented something along these lines: NYPD officers serve as pallbearers for funeral of discarded kidney

    or NYPD officers serve as pallbearers for funeral of discarded medical waste

    or NYPD officers serve as pallbearers for funeral of discarded cucumber.

    None of those headers would make much sense; readers’ brows would certainly furrow.

    Yet, I suspect those who scanned the actual banner didn’t experience a whole lot of consternation – that they read about some of New York’s Finest participating in a send- off for an unborn child and just naturally “got it”. Probably even thought something like, “Oh, that’s nice.”

    Normal folks automatically would intuit the men were burying a pre-born human. Thus, of course she ought to have been given some dignity.

    Plainly, incidents like this viscerally knock the wind out of the polished, clever rhetoric of pro-abortion activists.

    It’s like what constantly shows up during TV commercials or even prime-time programming: a bulgingly pregnant woman beams about her “baby”, people ask her when the “little one” is due, they talk about the impending arrival like he/she is … a person.

    Why doesn’t someone ever pipe up and bring needed clarification: “Umm, you mean “fetus”, right?”

    Or “product of conception”? Or “potential human”?

    “Abortion-rights” stalwarts relentlessly twist themselves into logical and verbal tangles when it comes to the legalized killing of unborn babies because rah-rahing the act doesn’t come instinctively. It can’t be justified with regular speech and common sense. It. Can. Not.

    So they marinate in word games and float pro-abort rationalizations that tempt laughter, except that they’re so depraved and ludicrous you really can’t laugh.

    Sponsoring a formal burial for this child was utterly appropriate, and pro-choice smugness can’t change that.

    Pray tell, what would be the proper send-off for a “blob of tissue” anyway?

    Image: CC by 2.0; Adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/arcturus15/8153882592/

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