• Sen. Elizabeth Warren Wants to Punish ‘Perpetrators’ — Or at Least Some of Them

    Surge Summary: Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants those who are abusing illegal immigrants to be prosecuted; and illegal immigrants to be treated humanely — none of which is in conflict with Trump Administration policies. 

    Elizabeth Warren to Trump Administration: ‘When You…Sexually Abuse Immigrants…You Break the Law’

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) recently sent out a series of Tweets threatening the Trump administration that any future Warren Administration will be firing up a Justice Department task force

    “to investigate the Trump administration’s criminal abuses at the border. … [W]e’ll hold perpetrators accountable.”

    Pardon me for being impertinent but … What perpetrators?

    “I’ve got a message for the Trump administration,” Warren said in the first Tweet. “When you physically abuse immigrant, sexually abuse immigrants, or refuse to supply immigrants with medical care that they need, you break the law of the United States of America.”

    “Trump may look the other way—but President Elizabeth Warren will not.” [CNSNews.com Staff]

    Physical and sexual abuse of immigrants on America’s border? Refusing them needed medical treatment? When did these outrages occur? Where’s your proof, Senator, beside overheated, campaign-convenient rhetoric?

    Furthermore, some clarification please: the New England Senator wants to “hold perpetrators accountable” down on the nation’s southern frontier – but not those perpetrators presently in violation of America’s border and immigration statutes?

    Give me a moment to sort all this out …

    How about if a person contravenes the law of the land – sexual abuse, terrorizing immigrants or disregarding official U.S. immigration policy – he or she will be duly prosecuted?

    Her Tweet then provided a link to Warren’s immigration plan.

    “When people come to our borders desperate—people whose lives have been turned upside down, people trying to build a better future—we need to treat them with humanity, and we need to follow the law,” Warren said in her third Tweet.

    And what decent individual would disagree with any of that? Every human being ought to be accorded a base-level degree of respect. We are all “made in God’s image”. Moreover, yes, America’s laws should be enforced – scrupulously, consistently, impartially.

    So, why are Senator Warren and her Democratic colleagues opposing every effort of this Administration and border/immigration enforcement officials to process lawbreaking border jumpers and return them promptly and civilly to their native countries?

    Image: Adapted from: Tim Pierce – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22534937

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