• Someone — Anyone — Try to Justify This Atrocity, I Dare You

    Daily Surge Summary: In France, the State orders a conscious man to be starved-to-death.

    You think the vast disregard for life that is consuming Western Civilization just can’t get any worse – and then it does. It can be a real drag to be proven wrong.

    Live Action’s Laura Nicole relates:

    France’s highest appeals court has ordered Vincent Lambert’s food to be removed following a six-year-long legal battle for his life.

    The 42-year-old nurse, now in a hospital in Reims, suffered an accident in 2008 which left him quadriplegic and with extensive brain damage. He is described by some as “semi-conscious,” and by others as being “in a vegetative state.” Vincent can sleep and wake up, respond to some voices, can swallow, and breathe on his own. He is not dependent on machines to live, but he is dependent on nutrition and hydration being delivered in a special manner, like many people.

    The Court of Cassation’s final ruling – not open to appeal – means Lambert, otherwise healthy, is scheduled to die a slow death by starvation/dehydration. This could take fourteen days or more and his parents are resolved to fight that order during that time, threatening to press murder charges if the food is removed. And bon for them!

    Meanwhile, his wife and most of his eight siblings believe he should be forced to die. Nice.

    In May, Lambert’s mother Viviane implored the Geneva’s UN Human Rights Council for help against this

    medically unnecessary action that essentially starves him to death on account of his disabilities. “I beg you, help us,” Viviane Lambert told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva according to SCMP. “Without your intervention, my son, Vincent Lambert, will be euthanized because of his mental handicap.”

    Question: Where’s the indignant outcry from advocates of the “mentally challenge” who’d be having conniptions if some bureaucrat had used the word “retarded”, even in a clinical sense, to describe Lambert’s condition? But starve him to death? Meh.

    To their credit, the UN Committee has asked France to hold off implementing this macabre solution until they could conduct their own investigation, but French officials spurned the measure as non-binding.

    On Monday, Viviane was back at it.

    “He sleeps at night, wakes up during the day, and looks at me when I talk,” she said, according to Reuters. “He only needs to be fed through a special device and his doctor wants to deprive him of this so that he can die, while legal experts have shown that this is not necessary. … In May, when learning about his planned death, he cried.”

    Hey, docs, what’s the French translation for “First do no harm”? Remember Hippocrates? Something about an oath? Does any of that ring a bell?

    “[T]he [UN’s] Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities prohibits depriving a person of food and drink. This would be a discrimination,” [Viviane added.]

    Tweeting in May, Pope Francis remarked in general about those with disabilities, writing (translated), “Pray for those who live in a state of severe disability. Always protect life, God’s gift, from the beginning to the natural end. Do not give in to the culture of waste.”

    Pape François


    Prions pour ceux qui vivent dans un état de grave handicap. Protégeons toujours la vie, don de Dieu, du début à la fin naturelle. Ne cédons pas à la culture du déchet.


    7:45 AM – May 20, 2019

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    Reacting to the court’s decision, Bobby Schindler, president of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network, told Live Action News:

    Vincent Lambert is a disabled man who relies on food and water, just like the rest of us. He experienced a brain injury, but is not terminal and not near the end of his natural life. It’s a crime against common sense that his parents are being denied the right to care for him as they see fit.

    Vincent is being killed by the French state. … If we treated any other disabled person this way, it would be rightly seen as an outrageous injustice. We have to awaken the consciences of our brothers and sisters to recognize the humanity and dignity of Vincent Lambert and those like him—lives are literally at stake.

    Be assured, more of this kind of atrocity is on the way as once civilized polities continue to devalue life and opt for convenience, self-centeredness and moral laziness.

    Nicole concludes with: “The case is re-igniting debate in France over euthanasia laws.”

    As it should – a glimmer of redemptive light in the thick of a very dark situation.

    Currently, euthanasia is illegal in France, but doctors are allowed to remove live-saving measures for those with “no hope of recovery.” A 2016 law also allows doctors to put terminally ill patients into a conscious deep sedation until death.

    The motto of the République française could be, “We’ll keep you comfy while we starve you to death.”

    (Note: Vincent Lambert passed away July 11, 2019)

    Image: Screen Shot: https://youtu.be/mqSMoCY6L7M

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