• Study from This Government Says Christian Persecution Reaching Genocide Levels

    Daily Surge Summary: A recent report demonstrates that persecution of Christians globally is approaching genocide levels.

    The British government has prepared and released a report saying Christianity is “by far the most widely persecuted religion” and ambitiously recommending the U.K. government become the worldwide leader in promoting religious liberty, according to Christianheadlines.com’s Michael Foust.

    The United States has lately been pushing this principle – it’s good to see our U.K. cousins also getting into the act. The more the merrier …

    “How grave does this situation have to become before we act?” the document indicts.

    The final 176-page report  sketches not only the problem of worldwide Christian persecution of Christians, but additionally lists recommendations – more than twenty of them — on how to alleviate the suffering of the universal church.

    “It is estimated that one-third of the world’s population suffers from religious persecution in some form, with Christians being the most persecuted group,” the report says, quoting data showing that in 2016, Christians were targeted in 144 countries – an increase from 125 in 2015.

    In some regions, the report says, the “level and nature of persecution” of Christians is “arguably coming close to meeting the international definition of genocide” adopted by the United Nations.

    Radical Islamic terror groups ISIS and Boko Haram earn particular mention. The latter group has a formally stated goal of killing Christians to establish an Islamic state. It already has killed thousands of believers.

    The report identifies internal displacement and exodus as among the chief repercussions of these attacks on Christ-followers, with Christianity now facing the threat of being eliminated from the Middle East; the very geographical region to which its earliest roots can be traced.

    “Boko Haram activity in the region meets the tests for it to be considered as genocide against Christians according to the definition adopted by the UN.”

    Although prepared for the British government, this study urges other nations to give increasing priority and targeted support to the beleaguered international faith community.

    “The freedom to think for oneself and to choose to believe what one chooses to believe, without fear of coercion, is the most fundamental human right, and is indeed the one on which so many others depend: because if one is not free to think or believe how can one order one’s life in any other way one chooses?” the report asks. “And yet everywhere in our world today we see this right questioned, compromised and threatened. It is a grave threat which must be resisted – both because it is an evil in itself, and because it threatens so much else.”

    Where religious liberty and freedom of conscience are scrubbed away in one locale, those same values are imperiled in others.

    It’s stirringly refreshing seeing the British Isles, one of the fonts of Western Civilization –the very backbone, in fact, of the American system of polity and jurisprudence — stepping up to spotlight and energize this noble work.

    Image: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

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