• What Was That About Pro-Lifers Not Really Caring for Babies?

    Yes, I admit it: it’s a deep-seated pleasure demolishing Progressivism’s cheap, baseless and destructive canards – that “pro-life” people only care about children when they’re in the womb, for example. That’s bilge, a patent lie, always has been. Yet, the public has been tirelessly bludgeoned with it for about as long as the abortion debate has simmered.

    Then a story like this one turns up …

    More than 1,000 people have offered to adopt a baby found on the roadside in the state of Georgia.

    Baby “India” was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag in a wooded area in the town of Cumming, about 35 miles north of Atlanta, with police releasing heart-pounding bodycam footage of the moments they discovered the defenseless little infant. ( Will Maule/Faithwire)

    Two days following release of these arresting images, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office announced they’d received some 1,000 inquiries from people eager to adopt the little one, who is currently in the care of the county’s Division of Family and Children Services.

    “It’s amazing the number of people who are looking to take on a new life into their families,” Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman explained to TODAY, “and we got somebody who tried to throw one away.” …

    With respect to this no doubt fine public servant, it’s actually not all that “amazing”; at least it isn’t if one waves off the consistently negative propaganda leveled against the pro-life community by the secularist Left and Mainstream media. Forever, pro-lifers have believed Children Matter! They’re a gift from God, even in the worst, most trying of circumstances. Thus, they are valued both while gestating in the womb and following their emergence into the visible world.

    We want to again remind everyone of Georgia’s Safe Haven law. This law allows mothers who cannot care for their newborn…

    Posted by Forsyth County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, June 27, 2019

    Truly, it’s very, very possible – easy, actually — to be “anti-abortion” and to love born children, at the same time. Point of fact, the latter is frequently one reason so many are repelled by the thought of a mother electing to kill her pre-born offspring.

    This conviction has been manifested for decades by thousands upon thousands of Americans and individuals globally: employees and volunteers manning pregnancy centers, homes for unwed mothers, family assistant services, adoption agencies and, yes, local churches. Not to mention millions who love God and so, additionally, love people; including tiny, helpless people not yet born and those who enter the world in desperate need. These have long rooted for kids and for families, regardless of the straits besieging them.

    lan Ragatz and his teenage daughters were alerted to the presence of the child after hearing strange noises coming from the wooded area adjacent to their property. … placed among a pile of leaves and sticks.

    The family claims they were led to the little one by an “act of God.”

    Yup. That’ll work.

    We would like to say THANK YOU to all of the people who have called and sent messages inquiring about Baby India. We…

    Posted by Forsyth County Sheriff's Office on Friday, June 28, 2019

    Another “act of God”?  The throngs of men and women stepping up to say, “She needs a home. She needs to become part of a loving family. We’ll take her!”

    The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is still appealing to anyone with information [about] Baby India to call their Tip Line at 770-888-7308.

    “She is a tough little girl and she is doing well,” Freeman added.

    I’d add, the harrowing circumstances of her first weeks on the outside just got a little less “tough” because of all the kind and selfless souls who’ve stepped up to help.

    Image: Screen Shot CBS Philly; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB1Zfmw–sY



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