Such individuals are laboring under a heartbreaking delusion, plain and simple. The presence — or lack thereof — of a penis objectively means something. The involvement of XY or XX chromosomes isn’t a pesky fantasy to be wished away by use of a frilly dress or tomboy haircut respectively.

For those living in defiance of these facts? Reality will come insensitively blundering in, regardless of their feelings. I love first-century-BC Roman poet Horace here: “You can drive out Nature with a pitchfork, but she keeps on coming back.”

Or, if you prefer, writer Philip K. Dick a couple millennia later: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

For eons, our forebears honored the self-evident: Individuals pretending they’re something they’re not ain’t good for themselves; or for the rest of us. Introducing Corporal Klinger into the soldierly culture — he was MASHs zany orderly who attempted to win exemption from military obligation by sashaying around in female regalia like a crazy person — isn’t advantageous for fighting effectiveness, unit cohesion, etc. Since national security and the well-being of those upholding it turns on such undiluted martial virtues, whatever undercuts them has to go.

On the heels of the Trump White House’s formal ratification of June as rainbow-bespattered “Pride Month”, Stars and Stripes reports, “About 1,525 troops had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria since July 1, 2016, when Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, lifted a military ban on transgender people openly serving and allowed them to seek medical treatment.” “Diagnosed”? Was that an editorial slip? Since when do normal, desirable conditions need to be “diagnosed”?

It seems a spasm of unfashionable honesty overtook — perhaps unintentionally? — the authors of the column. Transgenderism — like homosexuality — is a psycho-sexual aberration. Boom. It needs “diagnosing” because those vexed by it need help finding a way out of their dilemma. That prognosis ought not include slobbering over their pathology, reassuring “trans” men and women there’s no problem, no consequences whatsoever, if they indulge it.

The President should’ve made that case when asked about his transgender armed forces ban. He didn’t because, according to politically correct passions perplexingly infiltrating even conservative/traditional environs lately, he couldn’t. Lifestyles that dare not speak their names have shouldered aside and smothered once laudable, perfectly defensible objections to those lifestyles. (And, to be frank, it’s becoming increasingly clear our Commander-in-Chief personally doesn’t much mind other’s addled sexual/gender preferences regardless.)

So, DT was left touting a legitimate, but appreciably less vigorous and persuasive, demurral:

[T]hey take massive amounts of drugs, they have to … You’re not allowed to take drugs, you’re in the military you’re not allowed to take any drugs … and getting the operation, the recovery period is long and they have to take large amounts of drugs after that …. So I said yeah … because of the drugs and also because of the cost of the operation.

Nobody should be surprised if that explanation ultimately fails to sell President Trump’s policy to the masses. The venerable, history-confirmed truism remains: across the board, in this or any other prickly matter, when one side abandons fundamental verities, they’ve lost the contest. Maybe an unborn child isn’t a human being? Watch out for a pro-abortion tidal wave. Earning one’s own livelihood isn’t automatically requisite? Katy-bar-the-door on an omnivorous welfare state. Perhaps the IRS ought to claim first dibs on a person’s earnings? Bye-bye reasonable tax rates! Prudent countries needn’t fixate on immigrants’ background and beliefs? Forget about upholding the integrity of our borders, citizenship, etc.

Those of us with fealty to America’s founding ideals, those Judeo-Christian principles that undergirt our government system and pervasive cultural norms, need to resuscitate the bottom-line attack on corrosive practices.

Tearing unborn children to pieces? Unacceptable! They’re human beings.

Work is vital, nobody is owed a living courtesy of taxpayers; those who’ve earned their paychecks own that money. Able-bodied adults shouldn’t presume on the statist teat.

Of course a nation should concern itself with the character of those soliciting entry. Men and women predictably act on of what’s inside their hearts and minds.

And, yes – same-sex cavorting, “gender dysphoria” and the entire conga line of weirdo glandular inclinations currently so trendy are, let’s admit it, not good for anybody.

Being willing to announce those sentiments gives us a shot, at minimum, at checking their proliferation.

Really, it’s fundamental.

Image: by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

A version of this piece was originally published at Clash Daily.