• You Bet California Schools Are Scheming to Deceive Parents, Divide Kids from Them

    Daily Surge Summary: A local pastor has exposed a California scheme to educate kids in sexual anarchy views — and keep it secret from parents when necessary.. 

    Startling, leaked video, recorded in June, from a California public school seminar reveals an ACLU attorney coaching teachers about helping students hide abortions from their parents.

    It further shows the attorney and school staff discussing explicit sex-ed lessons and how Golden State law requires students to sit through them without parental involvement.

    Our Watch, a conservative watchdog group led by Pastor Tim Thompson, released the video … as part of its stated mission to wake up parents and churches about the far-left effort to influence their children. [Charlie Butts/One News Now]

    In the footage ACLU attorney Ruth Dawson is seen training teachers how to conceal students’ sneakily leaving campus to obtain an abortion or transgender therapy without a record of the absence.

    The public schools must mark them as present, [Thompson] says, to ensure they receive public funding.

    “They’re talking to the districts on how to implement policies that would mark students as meeting with an administrator … when in fact they’ve left campus for things like abortion.”

    The Daily Caller reports a member of Thompson’s team recorded the public meeting. It had been promoted as a curriculum discussion in Riverside County. But “[i]n reality,” The Daily Caller reveals,

    “the meeting consisted of Cardea Services, a developmental and research group, and the ACLU teaching school districts how to keep parents unaware of subjects such as whether their children received abortions.”

    Along with advising school staff that California law permits their young charges to obtain service such as contraception, emergency contraception, and abortions minus parental consent, elsewhere in the video the ACLU attorney, in a discussion about “gender theory”, turns up informing teachers that students attempting to opt out of “LGBTQ stuff” is illegal and “should be impossible.” That last remark is likely a reference to 2015’s California Healthy Youth Act, which required controversial sex-ed lessons in public school classrooms.

    Oh, yeah, mustn’t forget this:  this blockheaded secularist indoctrination, notwithstanding mom or dad’s objections, is to start in kindergarten.

    Some parents were angered upon learning their public school children are required to sit through these “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” sessions. (Any parents who were awake and had any sense should have been angered.)

    Thompson told The Daily Caller that requiring students to sit through mandatory sex-ed lessons means children learn about anal sex to prevent pregnancy, roleplaying, and other sexual activities that are unprintable here due to their pornographic nature.

    The ACLU’s comment about all this to The Daily Caller? Dawson’s presentation was “in accord with California law” and also charged her remarks were “doctored” but did not provide what they allege was distorted.

    Pastor Thompson points out to OneNewsNow that the left-wing push for transgender ideology is expanding beyond more than just sex-ed curriculum.

    “They’ve put it into things like language arts, history,” he says. “They put it in their school assemblies.”

    This entire process seems to aim at two objectives: brainwashing the kids into the ways of the modern era’s sexual anarchy and creating a wall between impressionable children and unknowing parents.

    And familiar with the way too many parents are nowadays? Very few respond to the indoctrination, he warns.

    [T]hat’s a problem,” Thompson says. “The parents need to engage.”

    It’s unclear whether this champion for children and families is purposefully engaging in understatement with that last observation. It is decades of parental passivity, after all, which, in significant measure, has led to a situation in which tax-payer endorsed schools can get away with a scandal like this in the first place.

    Image: Screen Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aVUhUBGbpc

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aVUhUBGbpc

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