• You Could Say Radio Host Mark Levin Isn’t Impressed with the US Women’s Soccer Team

    As Americans throng and swoon over the on-the-field soccer exploits improprieties of the U.S. Women’s National Team – hurray! – and, to a much lesser degree, their anti-American antics, talk host/author Mark Levin has weighed in with his reaction. Those familiar with “The Great One” won’t be shocked to learn … he wasn’t pleased with the World-Cup-Snagging squad.

    Michael Morris/CNS News passes this along:  

    [T]he World Cup champions, the women, I don’t give a d— if they won or not. … I like getting behind our teams when they’re playing on the international … forums and so forth, but this team embarrassed us,” Levin [said on] his show. “They embarrassed us.”

    Levin’s comments came after the American flag was dropped on the ground during a celebration following the U.S. Women’s National Team’s World Cup victory over the Netherlands.

    From the program’s transcript:

    I’m sure several of them are quite patriotic, but two of the leading players… Megan and Allie … were obnoxious punks, particularly this Megan, who is a big fan of Kaepernick. She has a foul mouth. I don’t appreciate that, with the ‘f’-word. She has trashed our country. She’s trashed the president, and I’m supposed to be rooting for her? I’m not rooting for her.

    Even those not particularly smitten with President Donald Trump might be able to agree: an international forum is not the place to theatrically demean the Leader of the Free World. A little restraint, a little discretion, a little decorum, please?

    Once more, classic Levin. No mincing of words from the radio talk giant:

     “And I don’t care how much they get paid. They take their social justice @#!& into the stadiums, and ‘We don’t get paid as much as the guys, and we should get paid the same.’ There’s a big article in Forbes about how they shouldn’t get paid the same. Enormous amounts of money come into the men’s soccer league, throughout the year, not just in these championships. And they get a smaller percentage of the bigger pie. These particular female players get a bigger percentage of a smaller pie. I’m supposed to sit here and sob? …

    I always wonder, can I see the actual information? And Forbes laid it out.

    I admit, I was suspicious from the get-go when I first heard some of the players’ “Equal Pay for Women” complaint. Soccer is not a particularly popular sport here in the States; thus not stunningly lucrative. Women’s soccer? C’mon. If it’s anything like Women’s basketball or women’s boxing it’s consistently raking in more modest financial returns than its male equivalent.

    “It’s a bizarre world we live in here, ladies and gentlemen, with our media and the left and how they project their reality onto us, which has nothing to do with how we live our lives.”

    The tenets and passions of political and cultural progressivism continue to infect every aspect of our lives. Increasingly … no escape. Put me down, along with Mark Levin, as not okay with that arrangement.

    If I watch women’s soccer – and I probably won’t – I want to watch a competitive match, skilled players. What I don’t want? To be pummeled with Lefty talking points and be subjected to the indignity of my country’s being demeaned by those who are supposed to be honoring her.


    Image: Creative Commons; CC By-SA 2.0; Gage Skidmore; https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/16501772158

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